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Dahlia - long-term culture, but such a plant in our Northwest region does not hibernate, it is necessary each year to dig the tubers to dry and then planted again.We Dahlia comes as annual crops.

forms dahlias come in a wide variety, about color and I do not speak, because of the variety of colors is not present at any other colors, well, maybe just yet gladiolus can compete with dahlias.

height from dahlias different: there are huge under 2 meters, there are dwarf, 30-40 cm rostochkom There tampons, it is quite small, they are like the marbles, the same round, plain or colored..There hrizantemovidnye very similar to the chrysanthemum.There are changes color in the evening, as the lotus.Now the fashion for small dahlias, they are just 20-30 cm tall, the flowers have a tiny, 1.5-W cm in diameter.

If you want to have wonderful dahlias bloomed and grew up, you need to rejuvenate it.For this year, or every 2-3 years cultivate new bush dahlia from the old shoots.Similarly, as is done with potatoes.You need

to plant the tubers, you will of them sprouts, you break down the them separately to take root and grow a single bush.This shrub is remarkable flowering in the first year.

When you purchase planting material in nurseries, you will always get the seedlings, rather than a tuber.So do not be afraid of grafted shoots of the tuber, it enables very fast propagation of the variety that you like.

Well, now all in order.Starting spring, you bought the tubers, they are usually waxed.Germs are so strong that they pierce this layer, so do not need anything with paraffin.You can even happen that even when storing the tubers begin to sprout.This is not good.Dread nothing, but you have the dahlias were grown at home and transport it has a larger plant on the site, or if you have a room at the cottage in a constant zero temperature, at least 3-4 degrees of heat, then you can directly carry the tubers alreadyin their place were maintained.Dahlia did not hardy, even at a temperature of - 0.5 degrees he was killed.Therefore, early planting dahlia can not, or if you planted it, it must be protected from frost.

When spring sprout in the apartment appeared (best if it happens at the end of March), you set the dahlia tuber, like potatoes, prozelenenie on a cool light place.In the warmth it begins to grow very quickly, there will be long, weak stems, and you do not need this.If you do not even have germs, you still need to put in the end of March, the tubers in the prozelenenie.When will sprout, the plant will pick up all of the tuber when the tuber is large enough and strong, it will be enough of these nutrients.If the tuber is a young, slightly thicker than a finger, the nutrients will not be enough, so you need as quickly as possible have formed their own roots, and will have to put in moist soil.Once you do this, the tuber just quickly go to the growth.In the first stage of growing sprouts at home is better feed for this is well-suited "Uniflorrost" (1 h. Spoon per 3 liters of water).But, in principle, any suitable complex mineral fertilizer.

So dahlias begin to grow, reaching 15 cm, it is most likely to occur in early May.Now they can be planted in the ground, only the shallow, because the soil should be warm, and warming up to this time only the top layer.Then still have to spud, to put a stick and tie it.So do not bury.If you still bury, then you will lay the tuber in the ground, because that's where the temperature is below 10-12 degrees and it will just sit in the soil in the repository.Therefore, you need to plant a shallow layer of soil warms up in May to a depth of 8-10 cm, and the depth of it is planted.But there may be freezing, so you put crosswise two arcs over it and covered with a double lutrasilom use film is not necessary.Once bypassed frost, remove the cover.The plant will have a large and bloom sooner.

the Northwest is very important to put it podroschennye dahlias, because we are often late summer and early autumn frosts.Meanwhile, the dahlias are just beginning to bloom.They bloom sometime in August, a little flourish, and their killing frost.If you have landed podroschenny dahlia, it will bloom in July, and you'll enjoy it flowering throughout August.Then you can save it, it does take a number of 22-25 August cover it at night double lutrasilom.The first frost usually entire aboveground part does not kill, green part still standing.All power plants of tuber transmitted in the buds and flowers, and the tuber is very weak, to the tuber recovered, he needed the aerial part, need leaves, why leave it, even if you killed the flowers and leaves are still there.But when all the above-ground portion of the frost destroyed, you will need to cut it immediately.And then you will have two options.First - you spud plant, the second - just pours from the top couple of buckets of peat or of any land, right on the center of the bush, so as not to freeze slightly tuber.Thus the need to hold another 10-12 days in the land, to peel coarsened tubers, and then the tubers are less prone to all sorts of injuries.Then you dig them, washed with a strong jet of water from a hose if you do not have a pump, just in a barrel with water, rinsed well.Then you remove the tuber, felt-tip pen write the number on it, and write in the notebook, under what number, what grade, the name, height and flowering time.

Now you have to divide the rhizome, not yet dried up the remainder of the stem, because the growth buds are located directly at the base of the stem.Divide the tuber should be so that everyone got a piece of the tuber stem (leave him penechek height of only 2 cm).When this penechek dry, his heavily cut, and when it is still wet, you have it right on the part of the share and carefully separate the tuber directly from this part, everything else you just throw away.Then you give the tubers dosohnut completely at room temperature, so that the stem is completely dry, and then parafiniruete it.

As paraffin? You put a pot on the fire with paraffin when the paraffin melts, you are holding the one end, dunks it and immediately take out each tuber.Then you have the other part of Macau, which has not waxed.Then you put them in storage, for example, in any box from under the shoe, and keep the door balcony or loggia or on the windowsill, but in any case, the radiators.It can be folded into a tight canvas bag and hang it in the closet on the pipe with cold water or sewage pipes.You can put in Moss, sphagnum moss, in a cool place.

There are a great way of tubers not parafiniruyut, simply double-cover layer of whipped egg white.You take an egg, separate the white from the yolk, a good whip protein, take a shaving brush and all tubers twice lubricate all.Stored in the same way.

There is another way to dig up the tubers of dahlias.Immediately after frost destroyed the aerial parts, it is necessary to dig up the rhizome, shake off his ground, lay a newspaper in the shed, and arrange them on top to cover the newspaper - and everything.After 10-15 days you peel ogrubeet, and you cut them, inscribe the name, if they are some kind of dirt, you can simply dip into the water.After that you share, parafiniruete or grease the protein and put into storage.This is who and how convenient.But definitely need time to form a dense skin on the tubers.

There are several conditions of growing dahlias.First - you need to store: it is impossible to keep the rhizome dahlia with potatoes, you can not store a huge rhizome, you can not dry it properly, and it is in your basement or rot podgniet.Also, when you keep the old rhizome, starts deteriorating grades and colors, and gradually your bush is in decline.

How to rejuvenate Dahlia?When you divide the bush, you get a certain number of tubers and planting material is that you can not just land, but sell and exchange.But the tubers still not so much, and if you want a quick propagation of the variety, you do the following.On the Rearing of the tuber before removing it, somewhere in February.And immediately planted in the soil, watering, keep in a warm place, and as soon as sprouts appear, they break out, and you immediately take root."Kornevina" Becoming the solution.This drug, which contributes to the formation of callus, i.e. a thickening at the end of the germ from which roots are then formed.Keep this formulation per day, and then either put into the water either directly in good soil.Deepening make the soil gently to shoot lower, push the soil, pour and put in a warm and bright place.Cover the jar.He will have to take root and grow.Such early planted plants bloom early, and will give you a pretty good tuber, two fingers thick and finger length.It's a beautiful, young tuber, and in 3-5 years it will be able to give a perfect offspring, and maintain your brand is in excellent condition.In addition, when you break down the one stalk, immediately go another 1 -2, you have them too, and break down the root and so on.So you are from one tuber can remove 10 to 15 cuttings, and it is already 10-15 bushes, you will go up, and sell or trade.

Do not try to buy large tubers, tend to buy young, they are in finger length and two inches thick.no need to process before planting the tubers.Tubers after harvest to be treated if you were some diseases, such as rust on the leaves or stems of wilting or podgnivanie.Then you'll need before their paraffin, hold 15 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, then remove.But if the bush was healthy, then do anything that is not necessary.

Now what have gladiolus pests.There are thrips, it rarely happens aphids, it is easiest to deal with urea.Take 3 tbsp.urea spoon, add potassium permanganate and spray.And even better to spray the plant preparation "Healthy Garden" (2-4 grains per 1 liter of water).

solution "fitosporin" can be used against the disease.

Dahlia does not like acid soil, dense clay and stagnant waters.It is sufficient moisture-loving and makes a lot of nutrients.Therefore, it should be watered in dry weather and feed.For a start you can give NPK directly zaryhlit it into the soil around the perimeter of the crown.Seal 1 tbsp.NPK spoon under a bush on the wet soil.You can also use the ash need 0.5 cups of water.But then you still need to water the infusion of weeds and manure.

How to leave the stems in every bush?If you have obtained from the germ of the plant, the only one.If the plant from tubers, try to leave one stem, a maximum of 2-3 if the tuber is large.Many stems and greenery - very few flowers.Therefore, it is impossible to put this huge rhizome from which climb a forest and a huge green mass, and there is practically no color.You will have one main stem, which will blossom one large flower.And later in the leaf axils stepchildren will go, which will also appear buds.If you want to get big and lush flowers, the axillary need to break out very early.And if you want to bush bloomed long, axillary, too, leave, and they will take turns to blossom, but the large flowers on the bush will not be.

Never leave a withering flower.You must be sure to break it, so as not to form a boll, as the seeds of the plant will spend a lot of energy and tuber will continue to dwindle.Then hit frosts without foliage tuber recover practically can not, it will weaken you, and the next year bloom deteriorate.So do not forget to remove the withered flowers.

If you have any suspicions that you Fusarium wilt (it is immediately obvious, because all the leaves have suddenly hung like ears poodle), the bush to dig and be sure to burn.

Dahlias it is necessary to tie up, because they have fragile stems.Therefore, it is not necessary to plant dahlia, where strong winds.He prefers sunny places, neutral soil rich in humus, because this plant makes a lot of soil, so the food must be good.After flowering, it should also be sure to fertilize.There is enough of superphosphate and potassium, it is for the tuber.Buried in the soil along the perimeter of the crown.This must be done in mid-August, it does not matter whether or not it withered.