tuberous begonia

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Different Colors

Tuberous begonias - the stunning beauty of the plant.Tubers usually begin to sell somewhere in March, you keep them in the refrigerator.If you want to bloom all summer passed, in late March-early April, place them on the window sill, in the light, to cause the tubers to wake up, and go from them shoots.Only then you will see on which side they are tuber.

Tuber generally convex-concave.Germs are on the concave side.The convex side of the need to put down.As soon as you notice that they have gone, you pour a small layer of soil about 5 cm, put on the ground tubers convex side down, sprouts naturally up (many take shoots of the roots and put the other way around).The soil should be moisten, not getting on the tuber, tuber powder so as not to fall asleep sprouts, ie the concave side of the tuber has not been filled up.Then, when you will have the germ, you will gradually pour the soil.The tank should be no less than 1 liter.

On begonia cottage can be transported in early spring.If the room temperature is n

ot negative, it will have to grow and gain strength.You will need to feed her any mineral complex fertilizer.Watering should be done on the wall of the pot, not getting on the tuber.It works great AVA fertilizer.You can sprinkle them tuber before it will be planted, it will require just 1/3 h. Spoon.

transplanted into open ground should be after the end of spring frosts.Be sure to note one feature.There are men, and there are female flowers.Men - Terry, women's - simple and something they need to pull out, otherwise you will not have a lush flowering.I repeat: you are not plucking terry and terry give bloom.

Each flower blooms for over a week, they appear one after the other.Begonia flower fading resets itself.

is better to plant in the sun, the soil needs a neutral, rich in humus, but if you put a 1/3 hr. The AVA spoons, no fertilizing is required.

Begonias continue to bloom throughout the summer, so they better dig until frost, move in pots and they will bloom you to the of November.They further would blossom, but the tuber is weakened, he needs to rest.Therefore, you are plucking flowers, and somewhere in the middle of November, cut at the very soil all the stems.They have dried up, then you can remove the tubers, soil with them shake, a little dry, put in boxes or paper bags, but do not close these packages.And they have perfectly spend the winter on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or on the refrigerator - and all will repeat again.

Propagation tuberous begonia leaves.When the plants will be 3-4 leaves, are both lower with the cuttings are separated from the stem and perpetuate in moist soil, cover the jar, kept in partial shade, do not forget to water.

When will the new sheet - rooted plant, with 2-3 new leaves can be transplanted into the ground.

autumn tubers are dug and stored as well as the large tubers.When the tuber in a few years will grow strongly, it before storage should be cut into 2-3 parts.Slices sprinkled with ashes.