Gardenia jasminoides

family Rubiaceae.The genus Gardenia.

natural climatic conditions: subtropical China and Japan.

Gardenia - evergreen shrub, reaching 2 m or more in height in the open ground, and about one and a half meters in indoor conditions.The leaves are oval or obovate, with a special at the end, opposite, reach up to 8 cm long, green, shiny.Flowers are usually solitary (rarely - in few-flowered inflorescences), apical (sessile) or axillary, large (7 to 8 cm in diameter), with unjoint terry petals, white or light cream color.It blooms in the fall, but it is possible to achieve flowering from April to July, in specimens older than three years of age - in the winter.

requirement to moisture: moderate, but stable, regular watering - Gardenia loves persistence environment.In the period of active growth is necessary to spray: the excessive dryness of the air causes bud drop.

Temperature: heat-loving plant that can withstand the winter and lower temperatures (around 14 ° C), provided that the transition to it will be

gradual.Sudden changes dislikes.Flowering can only occur at temperatures below 18 ° C during the day and 16 ° C at night.Prolonged too high temperature (about 24 ° C and more) results in increased growth of shoots nor upon flowering.

Light mode: photophilous plant flowers only open in sunny weather or special artificial light amplification.

requirement to the ground: the best substrate - taken in equal proportions ground from turf, humus and peat land of sand at high acidity of gardenia leaves turn yellow.Sensitive to iron deficiency desirable specialized feeding this element.For the young plants are also required alternate feeding solution mullein and mineral fertilizers.

Reproduction: green and semilignified cuttings in spring and in the winter (their rooting in the sweep of sand and peat with a mandatory heated at a temperature of 25 - 28 ° C), at least - seeds.

Features: for most contraindicated turning to light.Slowly ivy look.Quite often sick, so it is especially important for gardenia hygiene.After flowering, pruning and grafting is required in the fresh earth.Young shoots pinch desirable to enhance branching.He likes the fresh air, so the room is desirable aired frequently.