nochetsvstnye family.Rhode bougainvillea.Natural climatic conditions: the tropics.There are different opinions about the origin of bougainvillea.her home to find one to Brazil, others - Asia.Currently bougainvillea naked (or bare) acclimatized pas Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and the southern coast of Crimea.

original form of indoor varieties - evergreen vine, but cultivated and shrub forms, which are created artificially with the help of trimming.Bougainvillea glabra ♦ Liana naked (at least - spiny) woody stems, reaching a length of 5 M. The leaves are alternate, ovate, pointed at the end, or very broadly to 10-12 cm long, shiny on the upper side, the lower - opaque, some varieties of slightlypubescent especially along veins often.The flowers are inconspicuous, small, mostly axillary, yellowish-green, collected by 2 - 3, together, decorative flowering bougainvillea naked ensured by the presence of bright, similar to petals, bracts, depending on the variety, white, purple, hot pink, magenta,orange or

red, which fade as flowering.Bracts of bougainvillea hybrid * orange or wine-red.Characterized in that it is cultivated primarily as garden form.Bougainvillea glabra, a kind of Sanders ♦ The leaves are oblong-cordate bracts lilac.The requirement to moisture: requires copious watering in summer, more moderate - in the dormant period (winter).In summer useful spraying.

Temperature: normal room conditions, with the exception of a period of rest, when the temperature of the contents, it is desirable to reduce to 12-14 ° C.

Luminous mode: Constant bright light, including winter.

requirement soil: the most preferred is ground from the turf land and the sheet with humus and sand in the ratio 2: 1: 1: 1, it is desirable to add bone meal and crushed charcoal.For transplants, it should not be too loose.In the spring and early summer bougainvillea every ten days, it is desirable to feed the solution of fertilizer, alternating with organic mineral supplements.

Reproduction: semilignified cuttings (spring), rarely - seeds, cuttings are rooted in the sand.

Features shoots require garters --opory grow back.It is best to feel the ground in the winter garden.Capacity for the content of bougainvillea needs to be large (with a margin).To enhance flowering from February to March, it is desirable to cut the shoots.