Coleus ( " Krapivka " )

coleus promotes professional growth and prosperity

activity, the desire to grow and develop in virtually any environment - these qualities distinguish coleus.The plant will be the perfect companion for energetic businessmen and entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized businesses.Coleus give confidence will help to find new ways of development.

The more Coleus pinch, so it is lush.This plant the strength to wrap error favor.Coleus will quickly recover from failures, at a critical time to make the correct and rational solution.But for those who want the house to be a place of relaxation and recreation, rather than a branch office, it is not recommended to keep the coleus in a bedroom or near your favorite chair.

for businessmen and entrepreneurs

Coleus likes the direct sun, on a poorly lit areas are losing decorative leaves.To obtain a compact bush, Coleus often pinch.Peduncles also best to remove.Pour abundant, the plant does not tolerate drying earthen coma.Substrate for planting will fit a

lmost anyone Coleus is not capricious.Usually Coleus not transplanted, because during the winter the plants strongly stretched.With the strongest shoots take apical cuttings and rooting in water.

difficulties in breeding the seeds do not usually arise.Coleus shoots quickly and amicably.Try to not only thicken seed to seedlings not mown "blackleg".

third god buddy insists that it is necessary to start a business, Govorit says something, but does nothing.So, it lacks powerful momentum.On the role of the "momentum" easily cope coleus.Tolko let himself buddy will buy seeds and grow them from flower.Done - hence the own uelo able to open.

family Labiatae.Rhode coleus.

natural climatic conditions: tropical Africa and Asia.

Blume Coleus ♦ The original form for the majority of indoor molds.Stem tetrahedral, juicy, abundant branching;leaves oblong-heart-shaped, with jagged edges, velvet, different colors with stripes or bands of orange and white to moss-green color;inflorescence - spike, flowers small, blue.

coleus hybrid ♦ Leaves ovate or oval "velvety, undulating at the edges, pestrookrasheniye, a variety of patterns;Flowers bluish-white inflorescences

spike.Coleus Renelt * Shoots usually hangs, that can be used as a plant ampelnoe;large leaves, brownish-red with a green border.

requirement to moisture: moderate watering, desirable high atmospheric humidity, but Coleus can grow in drier conditions;negatively reacts to spraying.

Temperature: grows at 13 to 24 ° C in winter, optimally about 15 ° C.

Light mode: photophilous plant.Preferred southern exposure.

requirement to soil: pH - neutral;optimal ground from the turf, leaf and peat lands and sand in equal parts;summer - ezhendelnye feeding.

Propagation: seeds and cuttings shoot tips.

Features: in the summer can be grown on the balcony or in the open field.In February, often cut on the stump for new growth.To improve the decorative flower stalks are removed and the tops of the shoots pinch.