family Euphorbiaceae.Rhode kodieum: Natural climatic conditions: tropical island.

Kodieum ♦ variegated evergreen shrub reaching in vivo 2 m in height;Leaves on long stalks, large (up to 30 cm long), ovate to linear form, often - with pronounced lobes;leathery, shiny, different varieties of different colored from green to almost black with yellow, red, brown pattern;inflorescence - hanging brush, small flowers, inconspicuous.

Kodieum ♦ painted leaves on long stalks, alternate, linear, notched, sometimes lobed, leathery, glossy, painting - depending on the grade;flowers in axillary racemes, inconspicuous, yellow-green.Varieties: "Duke of Windsor" - leaves oblong-notched, olive-red with spots and strokes yellow and orange stripe along the midrib, the leaves in the upper figure dimmer than the lower, and sometimes completely disappears;"Monsignor Ernest Delarue" - three-lobed leaves, leaf basic background of bright green with golden yellow spots and stripes along the veins;"Punktatum aureum" - narrow leave

s, lanceolate, leaf main background of dark green, golden spots.8 room conditions unpretentious.

requirement to moisture: watering, depending on the temperature - abundant at high, moderate - in cool;We need to maintain a constant humidity, but not to allow in any case the stagnation of water;desirable periodic spraying, wash several times a year.

Temperature: optimum temperature of 18 to 22 ° C, but can withstand cooler.

Light mode: unpretentious, optimal eastern and western exposure.

requirement to soil: can be used different nutritional zemlesmesi but optimal ground from the turf, leaf humus and peat lands and sand in equal parts, are desirable additives charcoal.

Reproduction: leaf from "promenade", at least - by stem cuttings in March-April, which take root in water or wet sand.Stem - only for heating to 25-28 ° C.Rarely - seeds.

Features: young plants are transplanted ezhegod -but, the old copies - in 2 - 3 years.