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It is just what is usually called, and chamomile."Daisy" is often called in the people of this flower.All from the very childhood perfectly familiar with it because it grows everywhere.Flower consists of elongate petals and white edge central tubular yellow petals.

Daisies came to us from the mountainous areas of Central and Southern Europe, where they grow in the wild.Hence their undemanding to growing conditions.In the mountains, the soil does not hurt fatty!And in Europe, and we are widely used both because of its ruggedness, resistance to diseases and pests, and due to a long flowering (sometimes up to 60 days), usually in June-August.In addition to the low (50-60 cm) daisy common, with small flowers about 5 cm diameter, flowering in June, there is a fairly large number of garden forms with large flowers with a diameter of 12 to 15 cm. For example, varieties such as Alaska,Avalanche Desi, Maxim König, Sanssouci and many others.

There are semi-double varieties with double and even triple near edge o

f petals.There daisies with split ends of the petals, there are those who have twisted petals and ruffled, for example, varieties of dinosaurs or Daisy Creusot.There are double, dense, almost yellow center, resembling zinnias.Usually they are high, greater than 1 m (except Daisy Creusot, a height of not more than 50-60 cm).But there are also short, with small flowers, commonly used for borders.It pyrethrum and matrikariya.There are medicinal chamomile, pharmacy and odorous.The leaves are not solid, like a daisy, and thin, slightly similar to fennel.At fragrant chamomile petals white boundary is not at all, only one yellow-green seredinka.Do not confuse it with chamomile, odorless trehrebernikom, which does not have medicinal properties.


distinguish medicines from other daisies very simple.At the middle, medicinal camomile flower is hollow.If a flower is cut in half, it can be clearly seen.Medicinal chamomile collected at the time of flowering, use flower baskets.They are dried and stored in a dry place in paper boxes or packages of not more than 2 years.Brewed as a tea (1 tbsp. Tablespoon to 1 cup of boiling water) and drink a decoction for diseases of the stomach and intestines, rinse the throat, rinse hair.

Leucanthemum is best suited for single landings or monochrome flower beds or curtains.8 multicolored daisies beds are not typically used.