August 12, 2017 17:52 | Different Colors

This is another plant in North America, where it became known as the "golden hat".Its inflorescence is really something resemble straw hat.

High erect stems do not require supports.Most often, large baskets of flowers have a yellow color, but there are also red and even red-brown petals.Flowers like nemahrovye and semi-double.Elegant and long lasting flowering plants, undemanding to growing conditions, so it is very popular in our gardens.Flowering typically lasts from June to September.

particularly ornate rudbeckia varieties Golden Storm.It has some special features.It needs stratification, and it has very small seeds.Therefore, they are not embedded in the soil, and seeded on a small layer of snow.Snow put on a layer of clean, washed (or quartz) sand, poured on top of the soil with a neutral reaction.Soil and sand pre-watered with a solution of potassium permanganate bright pink and compacted.Snow melting at half retracts seeds into the soil.Why it is necessary to sow the seeds of that?The fact that

all the small seeds for seedlings need light.In addition, they have a very small length of hypocotyl, and they can not be born even at a depth of only 1 mm.Crops are immediately covered with glass and moderately warm temperature (about 18-20 degrees) hold 5-7 days for the swelling.Then placed in the refrigerator for about two weeks to pipping.And only then exposed to light in a warm room.Glass should be removed, and the capacity to place the seedlings in a plastic bag.It is necessary to make a few breaths to fill with carbon dioxide, and tie.When the seedlings grow up a little, their dive (transplanted) for individual cups and grown to transplant into the ground at a relatively low temperature (about 14-15 degrees).In the open ground they can be planted after the spring frosts at once to the place under the scheme 35 × 35 cm. Sowing home produce in late February-early March.

Rudbeckia can be sown directly into the soil in early April.But there is a great danger of losing the plant, especially if the soil is, the weed seeds.They easily score shoots rudbeckia.

Blossoms rudbeckia about 60 days, from July to October next year after sowing.The plant is very responsive to fertilizer "Rastvorin".Grade Gold Storm needs to be a shelter for the winter layer of leaves, which must be removed in early spring, otherwise the plant may die from the spring damping off.It is especially important to cover the first year of hibernation.In the years that followed the fall of the stems should be cut off at the root.If the aerial part was healthy, then cut the stems can be left on the spot, they and will serve as a shelter for the winter.If the foliage was sick, then this should not be done or left above ground portion must be well watered "fitosporin" solution.

rudbeckia Suitable for beds, separate clumps, for example, in a group of yellow plants of another species, as well as for mixborders.You can plant a separate group on the edge of the lawn.