Dracaena ( " dragon tree " )

For all who find it difficult to control yourself

discreet, neat plant.Good helper to anyone who lacks sincerity in relationships with loved ones.Thorough and unhurried dracaena protects needle women, creating favorable conditions for the hard work and requires perseverance.Dracaena protects the owners from negligence, laxity.

Near dratsenu "bungler" become more focused and attentive.In addition, the plant gently and unobtrusively protects emotionally unstable natures from bad influences.The plant is good to keep in the house, where children come into puberty.

Dracaena - as a moral censor - not lose dacm frivolous people "astray".However, if your daughter has long been trying, on can not marry, dratsenu from her room is better to remove.

Features care

For dracaena preferably bright or lightly shaded location.Plant heat-loving: make sure that the soil temperature does not drop below 18 ° C.

substrate must always be moist, but not soured (at the bottom of the pot need good drainage layer).In wint

er, watering is moderate, in the summer, if necessary - daily.Dracaena resistant to air dry, but in winter, when include central heating, it is desirable to spray the plant.

careful not to accumulate dust on the leaves.From time to time wash plant under a shower.Protect from drafts.

Transplanted in the spring once a fertile soil in two years.Pot choose wider, so that the roots were free.

agave family (according to other sources - lily).Rhode dracaena.

natural climatic conditions: tropical, subtropical savannas of Africa.

Trees or shrubs with spirally arranged on the stem rigid, often leathery leaves;blooms rarely malodekorativny flowers.

Dracaena deremskaya ♦ shrub with large (up to 50 cm long and 5 cm wide) narrow-lanceolate leaves, includes a number of varieties, differing in leaf color: Bauze kind - with a broad white stripe on dark-green background;Varnek kind - with a greenish-white stripe or more bands in the North

Redin leaves and white or pale green bordering;And others. Dracaena fragrans ♦ remnevidnye leaves, slightly wavy on the edge;kind of Linden - with light-edged leaves;a kind of "* Massandzha - with yellowish-green stripe along the midrib.Dracaena Godzefa ♦ A small branching shrub;Leaves collected in whorls of 3 pieces, egg-shaped, covered with white spots.Dracaena Gold ♦ leaves petiolate, oblong, shiny, colorful (light and dark lateral stripes).Dracaena Hooker ♦ Similar to dracaena fragrant, but leaves more narrow.Dracaena Canary ♦ Tree branching plant with a thick trunk;large leaves (up to 60 cm long), linear-sword-shaped, tapering towards the apex, and the end, leathery, gray-green.Extremely robust appearance, but unsuitable for cultivation in the rooms due to the large size (in vivo reaches 18 m in height).Dracaena braunii ♦ Stem thin, the leaves are relatively small (up to 3 cm in length), narrow, somewhat curved, plain or green with white stripes.Dracaena talievidnaya * Leaves are large (up to 70 cm), petiolate, rounded-ovate, pointed at the ends.

requirement to moisture: moderate watering, tolerate over-drying, but do not over-wetting the soil;desirable high atmospheric humidity and regular spraying in hot period.

Temperature: optimal year-round temperature of 18-20 ° C, Dracaena fragrans, Canary and Hooker tolerate cooler temperatures.

Light mode: undemanding, but in bright light variegated forms may lose their color;optimal eastern and western exposure.

requirement to soil: optimum ground from the turf ground, humus and sand in equal parts;summer reulyarnaya need fertilizing solutions of mineral and organic fertilizers.

Propagation: Cutting the tops (conventional cuttings are used only as queen cells), the longitudinal division of the stem.For some species (Dracaena deremskaya, fragrant, Sander) - air layering.

Features: plant-survivor.