For couples looking for the harmony of a relationship

acalypha liberates, gives a sense of joy, it brings

Elegant flirtatious acalypha actively fighting any manifestations of shyness, stiffness and uncertainty.Perfect assistant to achieve harmony in the marital relationship.Often violations in this area provoke conflicts.Acalypha helping partners tune into the same wavelength, it develops altruism, extinguishes aggression.Especially effective blooming acalypha.Delicate fluffy blossoms emit pulses that reduce psychological stress.Even if your relationship is gentle and stable place in the bedroom acalypha - more humor, more fun out of life.

Your girlfriend sat up in the Bride?Hand on her name day acalypha.It is possible and on the day of birth, but it is better on the day an angel.Oh, and do not delay, start to look for a gift for the wedding.Otherwise you'll have to do it in a hurry.

Features care

acalypha are grown on a light box, away from direct sunlight.In spring and summer the plant is d

oing well at a temperature of 20-24 ° C.But in winter it prefers cool (18 ° C).Acalypha afraid of drafts, it is better not to move it to the cottage in the summer.Pour acalypha evenly throughout the year with a soft water at room temperature.After watering the soil loosened helpful.Acalypha not tolerate dry air, it needs frequent spraying, especially in winter.A good solution is to put the pot in a tray with moist sphagnum.

spring plants pruned and transplanted into a mixture of equal parts of turf and ground sheet with the addition of rotted manure and river sand.Propagation is by cuttings in March, remaining after pruning.The plant should be updated periodically, young specimens more decorative.

family Euphorbiaceae.Rhode acalypha.Natural climatic conditions: tropical eastern India.

herbaceous perennials.

From dekorativnotsvetuschie species best known for two (there dekorativnolistvennye):.

acalypha schetinistovolosistaya Height - 60-80 cm flowers are small, bright red (there belotsvetkovaya variety alba) collected serezhkovidnye inflorescences to 40 cm long.Blooms almost constantly.Like all euphorbias contain latex;in this acalypha it irritates human skin, so it is necessary to act carefully when transplanting.Acalypha Spanish differs in general smaller size (growth - 30 - 40 cm), smaller leaves and shorter "earrings."

requirement to moisture: need high atmospheric humidity, and abundant watering.It is advisable to put next to her bowls with moss or water containers.Spraying can be daily, but not the light (in acalypha occur quickly burns).

Temperature: heat-loving plant, do not tolerate temperatures below 18 ° C (may cease to bloom), regardless of the season and time of day.

Light mode: photophilous, but does not tolerate direct rays.Requires diffused lighting.

requirement to soil: slightly acidic, loose fertile soil.Zemlesmes desirable to make sheet and vegetable garden land and coarse sand (1: 1: 1) with the addition of manure.

Reproduction: cuttings (apical and lateral with the "promenade") at the end of spring.Rooting them better in the peat.

Features: rapidly aging.Pruning should be gentle.Good feel in the kitchen.