August 12, 2017 17:52 | Flowers On The Balcony

sishohovye family.

natural climatic conditions: subtropical and temperate climatic zones of North-East Asia and North America.

shoots and leaves, usually pubescent hard, sometimes glandular, simple hairs, middle and lower leaves sessile, opposite the upper - alternate, different in shape (from broadly lanceolate to triangular);flowers are five-membered, gvozdevidnoy form.The most common types: Phlox Ardence * Mnogoletshzh;Hybrid view, inflorescence - loose panicle rounded shape;flowers pale purple or lilac-pink;Flowers in May - June.Perennial phlox Drummond *, cultivated as an annual;inflorescence - the complex umbellate shield;different flowering periods in different varieties;basic forms of plant: spherical (diameter greater plant height, main stem is erect, the lower shoots depart at a right angle, the top - an acute);compact (the interstices close together, the lower part of shoots extending first at right angles to erect main stem, rises, the other side shoots depart at an acute angle) and poluste

lyuschayasya (main escape spread along the ground, the other away from it at a right angle upward).Grades are divided into three groups: Gigantea - tall (60 cm), with flowers of medium size;Grandiflora - medium growth (up to 30 cm) with large flowers;and Nana - dwarf varieties.The most common varieties: "Snow Globe" - spherical, compact, round white flowers;"Feyerbal" - spherical, compact, round velvety flowers with dark pink tube of bright red petals and shed a different shade;and others.* Phlox paniculata inflorescence - dense panicle flowers bright;Numerous varieties (there are about one thousand five hundred) different periods of flowering and flower color.

most common grade (RC - An early-flowering, SC - average terms of flowering, the HRC - pozdnetsvetuschy): "Aurora" - flowers are coral red, SC;"The Scarlet Flower" - flowers pink-carmine, RC;"Spring" - flowers are red and pink, the HRC;"Kirmenslender" - flowers are white with a red throat, the HRC;"New" - flowers lilac-blue, SC;"Panama" - flowers are white, SO;"Foeyr-Spiegel" - fiery red flowers, RC;and others.Phlox adorable * Stems creeping, ascending;purple flowers, is a variety with white flowers;Flowers in May - June.Phlox divaricata ♦ Stem erect, slender;Flowers bluish-purple, fragrant.* Siberian phlox creeping stems (plant height up to 10 cm);Flowers in few-flowered inflorescences, or solitary, pink or white;most abundantly in bloom in May, but the individual flowers appear before the end of the summer.Phlox styloid ♦ Perennial;creeping stems, rooting at the nodes, solid;opposite leaves;inflorescence paniculate, flowers up to 2 cm in diameter, pink;the flowering period is almost completely covered with the plant;flowering dates vary.Quite unpretentious culture plants.Moisture Requirements: moderate humidity.And over-drying, and stagnant water are equally heat and light requirements: cold-resistant (except for Phlox divaricata), heat and photophilous plant.

Requirements for the soil: undemanding, but with an excess of organic fertilizers observed enhanced vegetative growth at the expense of flowering, sometimes lost form of the bush (pulling the shoots).

Propagation: seeds, cuttings, and dividing the bush (Drummond phlox - only seeds).

Features: good standing in the vase life.In the open field grown more often than on the balcony (same conditions).