Abutilon (room maple)

family Malvaceae.

natural habitat - tropical and humid subtropics, homeland - mainly South America, but in nature can be found almost everywhere except Europe.

abutilon - the name is not one particular flower, and the whole family, which includes about 150 species, representatives of which can be both herbaceous plants and shrubs and even small trees.Combine them following generic characteristics: Leaves on the edge toothed, 3-5-lobed (can also be almost heart-shaped or ovate), often reminiscent of maple leaves, some varieties - colorful, single flowers (flight found collected in inflorescence brush)petals - fused 5, the overall shape of the pavilion resembles a bell or drooping flashlight, often yellow, red or pink, fused stamens and pistils extend beyond the corolla, and may differ from it in color.Abutilon can be viewed as both dekorativnotsvetuschie plant, and how Ornamental-nolistvennoe.

With sufficient illumination abutilon can bloom all year round, but in the "wrong" time, the flowers are small

er and not as decorative.Photoperiodism weak.

Varieties (the most common) abutilon vinogradolistnysh srednerosloe, shoots and leaves pubescent, flowers sit on long stalks, and in racemes of 3-4 pieces, wide, bluish-sirenevato.Abutilon hybrid shrub with klenovidnymi, serrated light green leaves.Flowers axillary, large, drooping, shirokokolokolchatye.There are several varieties.In the variety "Pearl Dor" golden flowers "snow globe" - white.Darwin abutilon in the natural environment up to 3 m, indoors - up to 1 m leaves are up to 15 cm in length, are covered (as a significant part of other organs) silky hairs, flowers are collected in the axils of 2-3 pieces, large (up to.5 cm in diameter), bright orange-red with darker red veins.Abutilon megapotamsky shrub, reaching a half meters.Stems thin, drooping, ashen color, elongated leaves (up to 10cm).A cup of red flower, yellow petals, stamens purple.

abutilon striped short shoots, flowers on long stalks, petals golden yellow with red streaks and stripes.The species flowers Thompson often terry.

abutilon generally undemanding plant.

requirement to moisture: moderate watering in winter, abundant - in the summer.It needs quite high atmospheric humidity.From excessive dryness may begin to drop leaves.Spraying is desirable.

Temperature: normal feels at room temperature, in the winter, it should be from 10 to 15 ° C higher in this period is undesirable.

Light regime: quite a love of light.Withstands direct sunlight.He loves the southern window.

requirement nochve: prefer sandy soil, mixed with high humus content (turf, humus or deciduous).Better feed every ten days, the best fertilizer - mullein infusion.

Reproduction: cuttings (spring or September) and seeds (sprouts appear within 20 - 25 days).

Features: very fast growing (up to 50 cm per year), needs a transplant in the spring.Kron should be cleaned by trimming.In abutilon hybrid should be cut all the long shoots - this can extend the bloom.Tops desirable pinch.It can be planted on the balcony.