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meadowsweet (another name for meadowsweet plant) formerly attributed to Spirea, but now it is allocated in an independent kind.By Astilbe it has nothing to do, but just as she blooms with small fragrant flowers, gathered in a loose panicle at the end of the high, upright, strong stems.Main flowering occurs in July and August.The flowers are fragrant, their smell is favorable to humans, but some people have their pollen allergy.There is as meadowsweet species with leaves varying degrees of dissection.Stems and leaves are dark green or reddish.The flowers are cream or pure white, pink there.Plants remain decorative throughout the summer until late autumn, thanks to its elegant and green inflorescences with fruits.That kind of blossoms and foliage, ornamental all summer, and Rodney meadowsweet with Astilbe.The most diminutive of Labaznikov - six-petalled (or ordinary).Its height of only 50-60 cm. Slightly off-white blossoms are very elegant and finely dissected leaves look like fern leaves.There are varieti

es with white and pink fragrant buds, but also there is a sort of rabid Flore Pleno, it blooms earlier than other Labaznikov, in June and July.

most common in the Northwest meadowsweet, whose height from 80 to 120 cm There is a variety of meadowsweet -. Augea, whose foliage has a yellowish tint.Usually its parks grow just because of its elegant foliage and buds removed because knotted.Among Labaznikov there is another very festive - red meadowsweet, whose 120-150 cm height, with flowers of bright pink color.Highest meadowsweet - Kamchatka, reaching a height of 2-3 m!

Basically, meadowsweet grows on moist soils in partial shade.But the sun feels great and, although water-loving plant, not too prolonged drought carries stoically.But of course, it is better to plant watering in hot weather.Meadowsweet unpretentious, undemanding to soil, but, of course, better to grow and flower on good garden soil, slightly acidic to neutral.

meadowsweet At one place can grow for a long time, it should seat no sooner than five years after planting.There is one feature of this plant.As with Astilbe, meadowsweet in the rhizome grows up, only more slowly, so the time is the time necessary for it to pour fertile ground in the fall, or over time, he is left bare rootstock.Hardiness, no shelter for the winter does not require too little care.

meadowsweet easily propagated by dividing the bush or rhizomes segments, which should be 2-3 vegetative buds.This can be done in early spring (April) and autumn (September).Delenki planted at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other.

meadowsweet Growing in a group or mixborders, bury the rhizome in the soil at 10-12 cm. The plants grow rapidly.

can be propagated by seeds and meadowsweet.As the seeds need stratification, the easiest way to sow them in autumn or before winter.Seedlings are slow and uneven, so the landing site should get rid of the weeds, and mark, and see to it that the soil does not dry up.Best of all this shkolku for growing seedlings to organize in the shade.In the year of emergence the plants are transplanted into place, and they are already blooming for the second year.


If you see in the park beautiful flowering meadowsweet and you like it, come in September for the seeds and sow in their area.

meadowsweet can be planted in the background mixborders, make them green fence separating the garden from the rest of the site, or your - from nearby, and put them on the edge of a whole group or individual grass plants under the canopy of trees.


meadowsweet well worth it in the vase life, including in bouquets combined with other colors.It has a plant and medicinal properties.It has long been used in the treatment of colds and rheumatism.The dried flowers are part of some medicinal teas.