Polemonium caeruleum

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Different Colors

Polemonium caeruleum or polemonium, is widespread in areas with a cool and even cold climates of Europe, Asia and North America.We mainly grows in the forest and steppe zones of European Russia and southern Siberia.She has a lot of local people's names:. "Bliznetsova grass", "St. John's wort blue", "sinyushnik", "sparrow grass", etc.

have cyanosis thick creeping rhizome, so it migrates from place to place, but not too fast.Her erect hollow stalks can grow to a height of 40 to 120 cm. At the bottom is stemmed rosette of leaves, and the leaves are pinnate stem, each of which consists of 17-19 elongated, pointed leaves.The flowers are similar to wide open bells, assembled in loose paniculate or corymbose inflorescence.The main color of sky blue or dark blue, but there are white.There are rare species Polemonium caeruleum - with variegated leaves and white flowers.In cyanosis gentle and pleasant scent that attracts bees.Blossoms it long enough, in June and July.Seeds ripen in August.They need to collect as

soon as pobureyut bolls.

Siniukha semi-shade, but grows better in the open field.Cyanosis of the soil has low, but prefers light, fertile, moderately moist soil slightly acid reaction.Winters without shelter as freezeproof.The dressing does not need.Pests and diseases of her almost none.

cyanosis Propagated by dividing the bush, green cuttings and seeds.Shrubs are divided in the spring and autumn.On the cuttings in early summer, cut off the tops of young, emerging from the kidneys resuming shoots, 10-12 cm long, are stuck in the ground in the shade and covered jar.Once the escape will go to the growth, the bank can be removed.In the late summer of entrenched graft transplanted into place.Scheme landing 25 x 25 cm. The seeds are sown into the ground immediately after collection.The seedlings bloom the second year after planting.Cyanosis easily tolerate transplanting in the spring and in late summer.


cyanosis - a medicinal plant.Collect and dry the entire aboveground part at the time of flowering, the roots and rhizomes are dug in autumn.Infusions and decoctions of cyanosis is used for coughs and diseases of the bronchi, with nervousness, ulcers in the stomach and intestines.Poultices of herbs is applied to the wound for snake bites.

cyanosis planted among shrubs, subtrees.You can put in mixborders or beds, but so that it was covered by other plants, because after flowering, the plant loses its decorative effect.But if you just faded plants cut at the root, then quickly grow back young shoots and the plant becomes quite good-looking appearance.