August 12, 2017 17:52 | Different Colors

Aquilegia or columbine, belongs to the family Ranunculaceae.The name itself says that the water-loving plant, prefers partial shade and shadow.Aquilegia undemanding to the soil.They are maloletnikam, ie they live about 4-6 years, then disappear.To avoid this, provide them the opportunity to renewed self-seeding.This is their easily, you just do not worry and do not mulch the soil under them in the fall.However watersheds easily cross-pollinated, but because of the seed does not grow those plants that have bloomed.But sometimes turn to the plant a very interesting painting of flowers, and so she is very diverse: from pure white, cream, pink to burgundy, blue and purple with all kinds of shades.

These large (with a diameter of about 9 cm), often bi-colored, flowers have a very long spur (about 5 cm) Single Aquilegia flowers are located along the entire length erect, slightly branched stems.Dlinnoshportsevye flowers sway on thin but strong stalks, like strange birds, with the slightest vibration of air.If

you are even just a quick pass near them, they immediately start to "flutter".To save the entire set of colors, these hybrids are best planted in separate groups in different parts of the garden, each variety - in its place.

blossom like dlinnoshportsevye and normal in May and June the watersheds, for about a month.

Plants tap root system, so they do not tolerate transplanting.Easily propagated by seeds, so the easiest way to their breeding is the seed.Seeds can be sown seedlings in the House in March, you can sow them in early spring directly into the ground or immediately after the seeds ripen in July or autumn before winter.Seeds are small, so they are buried in the soil of just 0.5 mm, or more simply dissipate over the soil, then this is the place roll on compacted or board.The best germination from seed sown in the autumn.Spring seedlings are thinned out or seated in shkolku located in the shade, on the Rearing of the scheme 10 × 10 cm. In late summer, are transplanted to a place under the scheme 30 × 30 cm. The seedlings bloom the second year.But even if you do nothing at all will not just fall apart seeds in the place where you want to grow Columbines, at least in the early spring, even in the late autumn, you have it necessarily will grow.

Openwork, sturdy foliage Aquilegia decorative summer.If you do not want the seeds, then just after flowering, cut the tip of the stems, leaving the foliage.Columbines can not feed, if you put it in fertile soil.If the soil is poor, then once a season make Article 0.5.spoon any fertilizer that you have just scattering it around the plants for moist soil.

Grows on slightly acidic, and even acidic soils.No care for the watershed is not required.The only request from this plant - moist soil.But even in a drought the plant does not die, but only dries the leaves.

wreckers in these plants is not as illnesses.Good standing in the vase life.Cut flower stalks recommended for the bouquet, which opened 2-3 flower.

Columbines can be used for the foreground or in mikeborderah rabatkah, in flowerbeds or in separate groups on lawns.