choanal atresia

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Genetic Diseases

Hoany are rear holes of the nose, nasal cavity that communicate with the pharynx.Through choanae air that enters when breathing gets into the respiratory tract.Imperforate choanal openings is particularly important for infants because it deprives them of the opportunity to breastfeed and can cause early death from starvation.Doctors familiar enough with these hidden nasal abnormalities, and many cases remain undetected for a long time.For unilateral imperforate, which are available for adults more often than bilateral imperforate, there has always been characterized by obstruction of one half of the nose, the selection of her from time to time once a large number of dense, slightly cloudy mucus.The mucus that accumulates in the affected part of the nose is not output when breathing and blowing the nose, as this half of the nose impassable air.As a result, in the back of the nose and the deep division on the affected side is gradually formed a large lump that tilt the head forward inadvertently results in

the form of viscous mucous mass.The upper teeth, especially the incisors, often grow properly, the palate is usually high (in unilateral atresia - on one side only).In bilateral atresia voice becomes nasal.

Treatment of this anomaly only operative.Prior to clarify the nature of the operation atresia based on human questioning and carry out the necessary additional research methods.Especially important is the role of X-ray studies.The end of the probe inserted into the depth of the nasal cavity, normally rests in a thick cloth, which closes the rear opening choanae, preventing the passage of air.An additional method of research is a contrast X-ray examination of the nasal cavity, in which the nasal cavity is introduced contrast agent, and then take a picture of the nasal cavity.As a result of this study establish that the nasal cavity does not communicate with the nasopharynx.

Since atresia violated nasal breath, smell and other functions of the nose, the during the operation of a small channel formation is insufficient, since it does not fully restore nasal breathing and sense of smell, the normal flow of air in the nasal cavity and a natural remedy it from the paranasal sinuses.When surgery to remove nasal atresia seek to ensure that the stream of air passed along the physiological course.In congenital bone choanal atresia , when the bone is too thick, its auger drill.Formed holes extend saw, chisel or bone forceps.Available membranous adhesions were dissected.In the case of complete atresia initially formed hole, then expand its rods.To make the extended hole persistent administered into the nasal cavity and smooth drainage tube leaving them for at least 21 days.This is necessary because there is a tendency to zarasheniyu formed holes.To expand the tube using the formed openings which fix tampons with considering that they can be carried through the nasal respiration.If adhesions formed after surgery between the wound surfaces, their excised and administered several days plate therebetween.If this way can not obtain satisfactory results, carried out a second operation.The criterion for a positive outcome for surgical intervention is not only the restoration of nasal breathing, and other physiological functions of the nose.