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Globe-also belongs to the family Ranunculaceae.The plant is common in the Northern Hemisphere in temperate and cool climate.This rhizomatous perennials with erect stems and subramose height from 50 to 100 cm. Globe beautiful palmate-dissected leaves, collected in the rosette.Flowers cultural forms large (diameter of about 5 to 6 cm), bright yellow or orange petals, with numerous perianth.The gardens are the most frequent globe-Asian with orange flowers that bloom in May and June the and European globe flowers with bright yellow, which bloom about 7-8 days later.Both Globe in the shade of blooming about 20-25 days in the sun as soon wither.Globe-Chinese rarer.She has bright orange, less lush flowers, but the flowers it is about 30 days.Considerable interest for gardeners is globe-Ledebour, which blooms in June and July, about 40 days, with its bright orange flowers reach a diameter of 8 cm. There is quite a lot of garden Globe varieties, but we are somehow not enough common, but in vain: the plant is very

elegant, and most importantly, completely unpretentious.

grows in shade and partial shade.Soils prefers loose, moist, fertile, slightly acid.No care is required, except for irrigation in dry and hot weather during the flowering period, otherwise the bud very quickly.

The dressing is practically no need, if the soil before planting was well filled up with organic.If the soil is poor, it should be twice per season to water the plants weed extract, or "Gumi" solution, or any other organic fertilizer (at the beginning of regrowth before the green and flowering).After flowering, you can make a little bit of ash, if the soil is acidic or slightly phosphorus-potassium fertilizer, flowering if cachectic.Planting Globe can be in late April-early May or late August and early September.Root collar at planting bury into the soil at 2-3 cm.

propagated by dividing the rhizomes of the plant (preferably at the end of August), cuttings (spring or summer) and seeds, which are sown into the soil immediately after harvest or before winter.If seeds are sown seedlings at home, it would take a long, within 2-3 months, stratification of crops in the refrigerator.Do you really need it?

sown the seeds of autumn in the soil give seedlings the following spring.They should be thinned or raspikirovat, and at the end of the summer to transplant to a place under the scheme 40 × 40 cm. Plants bloom the following year.For cuttings, you can take a young, emerging shoots in the spring or summer Surface socket with a part of the underground stem.

Bantam form suitable for the rocky hills, taller nice look near water, on the fringes, in rabatkah, groups on the lawn corners.After flowering shrub loses its decorative effect.The plant is suitable for cutting.