Asparagus ( Asparagus )

for all who need to improve health

corrects and restores the biofield

Asparagus, like a sensitive antenna, detects the slightest changes in the energy-state biofield of its owner.Biofield - our protective "space suit," it protects against the damaging effects of external factors.But biofield can be deformed or even broken through the negative vibrations.All the "holes" we feel good - deteriorating state of health, mood deteriorates dramatically, there is a breakdown.The beneficial effects of asparagus in one way or another applies to all members of the family, but in unison plant "sounds" only to those who care for them.

«twitched" people should have two asparagus - one at home and another at work.For you will not stick on the little things, you will be feeling of the protected area.

Features care

Asparagus needs a good light, but needs protection from direct sunlight.In the summer you can take out in the garden and put under the tree with an openwork crown.In the spring and summer water the pl

ants regularly and abundantly, but be careful that no water was in the pan.Useful frequent spraying.Winter maintenance -at a temperature of 12-16 ° C.

Asparagus grows quite fast.Each year in the spring it is transplanted into a large bowl.Transplantation can be a little trim the roots and remove the old shoots are bared.This procedure stimulates root development and growth of young shoots.

lily family.Rhode asparagus.Natural climatic conditions: subtropical, feathery asparagus - savanna conditions.

Asparagus medeolovidny * rhizome perennial with stems scansorial;thin shoots, flexible, lateral - leaf, no true leaves.It is grown as a basket plant.Asparagus pinnate (chill) ♦ Curly shrub with abundant branching shoots, some of which (side shoots), leaf-like whiskers;shoots branch out horizontally, forming a kind paporotni-local current-like leaves, as a general triangular shape.Sprenger Asparagus ♦ Semishrub scansorial with hang-downing shoots reaching a half meters long, leaf-flattened side shoots, leaves a subulate scales;The flowers are small, white, fragrant.The most stable in culture and unpretentious appearance.

requirement to moisture: during the active growing season - abundant watering, in a period of relative calm (usually November-February, but there may be deviations in time) - cheap.

Temperature: fairly heat-loving plants in a dormant period are optimum temperature 15 - 17 ° C.

light mode: light-loving plants, but can grow even in partial shade and the shade (they do not bloom in the latter case).

requirement to soil: optimum ground from turf, humus and leaf soil and sand in the ratio 2: 2: 2: 1, it is desirable to add to the substrate bone meal.In the period of active growth - feeding alternating mineral and organic fertilizers.

Propagation: seeds and division of the bush for the transplant.

Features: summer can grow on a balcony.Used support and garter.