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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Citrus

Family - Rutaceae.Citron - a small shrub in the rooms - no more than 1 m

Leaves -. Smooth, hard.Flowers - large, purple and white with a strong aroma.Fruit - large, up to 1 - 1.5 kg, oval, color reminiscent of lemon.Peel the fruit is thick (2-3 cm), very fine slices with sour juice.The fruits are used to prepare candied fruits and jams.

By Citron concerns a very rare, but very original fingered citron.He valued for their beauty and fragrance.In India it is called Buddha's Hand.

♦ Placement.The plant requires a year-round bright, sunny location.Maximum light and heat.

possible, from the end of May and September to make the air in the garden, to the balcony, to the loggia.Winter contain bright areas with the temperature of +4 - + 6 ° C.

most heat-loving plant from all citrus fruits, is very attractive in winter gardens and offices, regular fruits.The room should be set so that felt a gentle fragrance of flowers, and then would have been clearly visible fruits, which can remain on the tree for more th

an 2 months.

♦ Care.During the growth of citron watering - abundant in the winter - very modest.In a warm room to spray 2 - 3 times a day.Fertilizer paid twice a month, well use a liquid concentrated fertilizer "Rainbow".Repot the plant up to 10 years of age 1 every 3-4 years.For transplants can be used floral Soils "Rose" with high humus content and highly productive garden land.

♦ Pests and diseases - citrus red mite, Jose scale, whitefly.Their secretions settles sooty fungus.If excessive dryness of the air leaves turn yellow and fall off.

♦ reproduction - cuttings in the heated substrate.


Candied citron peels

per 100 g of crusts - 500 grams of sugar.

Corky cut into squares, fill with water and boil until they are soft.Boiled peel recline on a sieve, then put in a pot and pour water on the day.After one day change the water and boil for 20 minutes, then recline on a sieve.When the cake a little dry up, they are mixed with sugar and dried.Ready-made candied fruit put in jars, store in a cool dry place.

first mention of citrus due to the citron, which was known in Mesopotamia 4000 years BC.e.The word "citrus" is derived from the word "citron".