August 12, 2017 17:52 | Citrus

or kumquat

Family - Rutaceae.Homeland - South-East Asia.There are several types kinkanov, the most common - Marum, or round, and Nagamiovalny.Kinkala - subtropical, evergreen, small plant.In the indoor environment is not more than 1 - 1,2 m. The branches are thin, devoid of spines, small leaves (5-10 cm), large flowers.The fruits are small, the size of an ordinary plum, orange, pleasant sweet taste with a smooth-skinned edible.

♦ Placement.Like all citrus, it requires bright, sunny rooms.In summer, it is best to make the garden, an open loggia, balcony.In winter, kept in cool, light rooms at 4 - 6 ° C.It is a beautiful plant with bright golden fruits for the winter garden, heated loggia.Kinkala to 12 - 15 years can freely contain windows.

♦ Care.In the summer, from April to September, abundant watering.In winter, watering carefully.Make sure that the ball is not dried out.Feed the plants 2 times a month concentrated liquid fertilizer "Rainbow".

Transplant - once in two years.Soil for kinkanov should

not be acidic, it is best to use for planting and transplanting substrate for cacti sold in stores.

♦ Pests and diseases - different kinds of scale insects, red spider mite.On secretions of scale insects settled sooty fungus.When dry air and excess moisture is marked defoliation.

♦ reproduction - cuttings in special teplichke heated at a temperature of +25 - + 28 ° C.



Whole fruits kinkala blanched in water at a temperature of 90 ° C for 15 minutes, cooled and allowed to stand in cold water for 10-12 hours.

removed from the water in a sieve to water glass.Hot syrup is then poured and allowed to stand for 6-8 hours.Cook for 4 doses.To fill fruit syrup is prepared from 800 g of sugar and 2 cups of water per 1 kg of fruit.

Candied fruits kinkala

After cooking jam fruit with syrup poured over a sieve.Leave on a sieve of 1.5 - 2 h.Then laid in a single layer and dried in an oven at a temperature not higher than 40 ° C.Then dried fruits sprinkle with powdered sugar.After dusting the fruits of a second dried in the oven.Then placed in one box layer.

Many citrus fruits are widely used in the food and confectionery industry.

The most interesting representatives of this group refers kinkala.A strong scent of flowers and decorative small fruits make this plant a wonderful decoration of the interior of your apartment.