August 12, 2017 17:52 | Citrus

Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf) - evergreen tree of the family Rutaceae, up to 12 m, with rounded crown, white fragrant flowers and large ovate leaves.Fruits are large, spherical, with a thick pale yellow skin and sweet-sour, more bitter yellowish pulp.It is believed that grapefruit is a hybrid of orange and Pummelos.

perennial evergreen citrus plant with very beautiful leaves on large winged petioles.

At room conditions grow no more than 1.5 - 2 meters flowers -. Large, white with a pinkish tinge, with a strong aroma, are collected in a single or a brush.Fruit - large (300 - 400 g), peel the fetus is thick (1.0 -1.2 cm).They ripen in November.The flesh is juicy, very tasty.The rooms are regularly flower and fruit.

best varieties for cultivation in the room is.Duncan Foster Marsh Seedless and others.The fruits are eaten fresh, processed into juice.

♦ Placement.At the young age of the plant is doing well on a windowsill.Adult grapefruit looks great in the winter garden, in offices, in closed loggi

as.The plant requires a bright, sunny, warm places of detention.In the summer, before the onset of frost, can be kept in the garden, on the balcony, on the terrace.In winter, it should be moved to bright room with a temperature of 4 - 6 ° C.

♦ Care.Frequent watering in the summer, make sure that there was no stagnant water.In winter, moderate watering.Feeding - twice a month, complex fertilizer concentrated "Rainbow".Recommended plants are sprayed with water at room temperature with an atomizer.

transplant at a young age - a year, and after 5-6 years - 1 every 3 - 4 years.The best substrate is a good, rich humus and garden land is ready to sell in stores soil mix "Rose".

♦ Pests and diseases - Citrus whiteflies, scale insects, citrus red mite.When drought or excess moisture on the leaves there are various kinds of spot.

At high temperatures, the air in the apartment and dry plants shed their leaves.

♦ reproduction - rooting cuttings in heated greenhouses.Grafting on seedlings grown at home.


Grapefruit wash, squeeze with a special press.Strain through a sieve.Then cook the syrup.1/2 liter of juice - 1.2 liters of water, 600 g of sugar.Cool the syrup and mix it with grapefruit juice.Feeding on the table, juice diluted with mineral water to taste.

Fruits grapefruit have a pleasant sweet-sour taste with a characteristic bitterness, due to their content of biologically active substance naringin, helps strengthen blood vessel walls.They contain more than 7% sugar, 2.5% citric acid, large amounts of vitamins.grapefruit fruits have therapeutic and dietary properties, help to improve the appetite and improve overall body tone.Drugs derived from grapefruit juice is used to treat blood vessels in hypertension.Eating grapefruit fruit also helps to restore the vigor with fatigue and prevention of atherosclerosis.