Orange sweet

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Citrus

Family - Rutaceae.Rodina-eastern Asia.At room conditions is - a small evergreen tree up to 1 to 1.5 m high with a dense, compact and beautiful crown.Leaves of medium size, dark green with sharp spines in the leaf axils.The flowers are large, white, very fragrant.Fruit - berry orange pulp - sweet or sour-sweet.Seeds - White 2 to 12 in the same nut.Slabomorozoustoychivoe plant, already damaged with a decrease in temperature to - 5 ° C.For cultivation in the flats are the most suitable varieties: Hamlin, wren, Washington Navell and others.

♦ Placing - in sunny warm places apartment.In summer you can make the open air (up to possible frost).In winter it is best to keep a bright indoor temperature 8 - + 10 ° C or at room temperature to the usual locations.In the latter case it becomes necessary to increase the humidity in the room where growing orange.

♦ Care.Watering is abundant in the summer, in the winter to make sure that the soil is not dried com.We recommend several times a day to spray the plants wit

h water.To feed fertilizers at least 2 times per month.To feed, you can use Universal granular fertilizer for flowers "Flower" or liquid concentrated fertilizer "Palma".Transplanting plants up to 7 - 8 years of age is held annually, and in the future - every 2-3 years.When transplanting or planting plants use "vermicompost" or substrate "Rose" with high humus content.

Once a month should be loosening the soil.

♦ Pests and diseases - citrus red mite, various kinds of scale insects, leaf -pyatnistosti under adverse conditions, sooty fungus.

♦ reproduction - cuttings with phytohormones and lower soil heating.It can be propagated by grafting.As the stock is recommended to use orange seedling grown from seed.


oranges should be used fresh.They contain, especially in the crust, large amounts of vitamin C, which in the course of preservation, particularly long destroyed.

of oranges can be cooked jam, it has a bitter taste, but very tasty.Orange peel can insist in alcohol or cook it in sugar for candied fruit.

Orange jam

1 kg of oranges and 1 lemon clear from the peel, disassemble into slices, remove the seeds.1.25 kg of sugar to boil with 1/2 water and lower boiling syrup prepared oranges and lemon.Cook over low heat until the oranges become transparent, and juice - thickens.Cool and pour into jars.