August 12, 2017 17:52 | Citrus

Growing Citrus is the leading branch of agriculture a number of regions of the globe.The fruits of their distinguished high nutritional, dietary and medicinal properties.They are used as raw materials to produce wonderful juices, compotes, candied fruit and jam, of essential oils and essences of various, widely used in the food, confectionery, medical and perfume industries.Most citrus - evergreens, which play a significant role in the environment, contribute to air purification from dust and dirt.Citrus plants in several countries of the world are widely cultivated as ornamental plants.Especially, they are highly valued in the room culture, in conservatories, greenhouses, offices.

Citrus fruits are rich in sugars, vitamins (C, P, B1, B2, PP) and provitamin A, E. On the vitamin C content of citrus fruits significantly exceed the fruits of other cultures.Flowers and leaves of citrus essential oils contain valuable.

All cultivated citrus belong to 3 genera - citrus, fortunella and pontsirus.most suitable

for indoor gardening: tangerine, orange, lemon, grapefruit, citron, sheddok (genus Citrus) and kinkala (born fortunella).Plants kinkala deprived of thorns, the fruits are small, very beautiful, orange, pleasant sweet taste.These plants can be purchased in flower shops.

The history of occurrence of citrus in Russia.Russian boyars in the XV century they were imported from subtropical and tropical regions, and grown in the greenhouse.

In 1714 Count Menshikov near St. Petersburg has built a special palace with lots of orange greenhouses and called it Oranienbaum (Orange Tree).More than 100 years ago, lemons became widespread in the village of Paul's on the river Oka (near Nizhny Novgorod), Maikop (Adygea).Professionals and now they are known as the Kursk, Pavlov and Maikop room lemons.Most citrus plants with proper care can be grown indoors.They are characterized by ductility and is relatively easy to adapt to the adverse conditions of the premises other than dry air, insufficient lighting, limited soils.Therefore, the cultivation of citrus plants in the room in the first place requires proper placement of them.

Citrus require bright sunny rooms.When the plant arrangement in the rooms should be borne in mind that the windows facing the north and northwest, the transmitted light is much smaller than the southern and south-east.Southern windows receive significantly more heat, which is very important for citrus.

Years of experience of indoor gardening has shown that citrus plants or in the case of cream can not be held on the draft, placed near heating systems.Often the main cause shedding of leaves and buds in lemons is the excessive dryness of the air.It is useful to all citrus fruits, especially in winter, sprayed with warm water.

spring, with the onset of warm days, citrus plants are best to make the air in the garden, on the balcony, and if not, then in special boxes, reinforced in front of windows.In these boxes between citrus plants can be planted curly flowers, is a jewel of not only windows, but also the facade of the house.