Unusual vaccinations

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit And Vegetables

Here are real-life examples of unusual vaccinations horticultural crops that produce this or that effect and that can make himself a gardener (Table.).

Unusual grafting of fruit and berry crops

Culture (scion)


reaching effects


hawthorn, quinceJapanese

early appearance of fruit, reducing the height of the tree

Rowan red

Increased winter hardiness

Saskatoon, chokeberry

early appearance of fruit, the ability prigibaniya branches and protect from frost



Increased winter hardiness, reducing GUMMOSIS


Prunus tomentosa

tree height Reduced


Growing on"dry" soils

cherry plum

Growing on "moist" soil


Plum, felt cherry

Increased winter hardiness

cherry plum

plum, blackthorn

plum, peach

Felt cherry


Rowan red hawthorn



protection of the root system of frost

Rowan Nevezhinskaja

Rowan red


Red currant

Black currant

Aronia, quinceJapanese

Rowan red

plant Production in shtambovoy form


golden currant

«Men" plant buckthorn

«Women 'plant buckthorn

for pollination, so as not to have a separate "male" trees

«Women 'plant buckthorn

« Men "plant buckthorn

for pollination, if the" male "plants grow much better"women »

with vaccination can get unusual trees such as apple trees, which have a strong and hardy root system, but with slaboroslyh aboveground part, into early fruiting.For this purpose, it is necessary to land a permanent place of a strong-apple rootstocks (seedlings Antonovka, Moscow perry or wild forest of apple trees), or sow the seeds of the apple trees.Then, in a one- or two-year rootstock plant by any means (eyelet or handle) need to instill clonal slaboroslyh grade.It will serve as an intermediate (intercalary) insert between vigorous and rootstock and grown cultivar.


The longer the interposer (normally insert a length of 15-20 cm), the more influence it has on the strength of growth, the nature and rate of metabolism between stock and solder.As the interposer may be used such clonal rootstocks - M8, M9, paradizka Budagovsky, № 54-118, № 62-396, baby Budagovsky.

There are many ways to produce trees with intermediate piece - budding two shields, double budding, grafting double winter and others.Here is a way to IFIndenko, in which in the first year silnorosly rootstock okuliruyut two eyes on one side of the escape: Lower flap grafted cultivar, above it - the interposer plate (interkalyara).In the second year grown from kidney graft shoots grafted by approach (ablaktirovki).In the third year of the apical interkalyara (above the place of last year's vaccination) must be removed as part of the shoot and the cultivar, which is between the stock and place ablaktirovki.

can get a tree with the interposer and one year.To do this, insert the handle to make budding "vpriklad" kidney cultivar and the stalk grafted onto rootstock seed means "improved kopulirovki".

On the basis of such trees, obtained by the methods described, the gardener can create a garden with 4 "storied" components.First floor - a strong-seed stock, the second floor - the interposer slaboroslyh clonal varieties, third floor - skeletoobrazovatel of winter-hardy varieties and fourth floor - Kroon shoots of cultivated varieties.And the last "floor" can be represented not by one grade, and several (in terms of fruit ripening).Thus, the benefits of trees in the garden - hardiness of root system and crown, early appearance of fruit and stunting.

«The four-" tree

However, the use of inserts slaboroslyh stocks and do not always provide the desired fruit tree growth rate.Ideally, it is desirable that the tree was growing rapidly at the beginning and it took the allotted amount feeding area (planting scheme), and then the vegetative and generative development of the plants should be balanced.

unusual advice .To get these trees, VIDemenko developed a way to create a plant with an insert that starts to work in 3-4 years after planting.For this seed to seedling rootstock grafted on both sides means "bridge" rootstock cuttings slaboroslyh (inset), 2-3 years on trunks bark is removed, because of which the wood waste products are channeled through the insert, undergoing changes and affecting the growth and fruitingfruit tree.

effect dwarfism or reduce the growth of the forces can be obtained not by vaccination of different cultures, and by carrying out the operation "turn the ring."For example, pears and plums during the active sap flow to be removed from the branches of a ring of bark 13-15 mm wide and immediately apply to their original location, but upside down.That is thanks to this operation disrupted communication in the vessels of the cortex and the outflow of nutrients retained.Therefore ringed branch fruiting is enhanced and sustained growth in height is reduced.Unfortunately, the effect of such an operation briefly and therefore it should be repeated every 3-4 years.

garden Other surgical operation can be carried out in order to improve hardiness of cherry.To this end, the branches also removed a strip of bark 1 cm wide, and in its place put the same size strip bark hardy cherry.

Getting stunted trees on vigorous rootstock