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snapdragon most know how antirinnum it its Latin name.In fact, he's at home, in Africa, it is considered perennials.We grow it as an annual, but sometimes it is possible to spend the winter.He has a very strong central shoot, it gradually, one by one, open flowers are so funny with the lower part, like a lion's mouth, and therefore called Snapdragon.There are dwarf forms from 10 to 25 cm tall.There are of average height -. 30 to 50 cm, but there are very tall -. 50 to 100 cm In my opinion, this is the most interesting form, as part of the flowering takes polrasteniya.All antirinnumy bloom from July to October, transferred to small autumn frosts - up to 3 degrees.Snapdragon is a wide range of coloring.Plant fades ugly, it just need to cut, without waiting until the bud is the tip.Then he will go side branches, and it will continue to bloom.And to force the plant to bloom continuously throughout the summer, you can do very easily.Only just opened blossoming central part of the half-peduncle, you cut and pu

t it in the water, as the bouquet.She dotsvetet to end in a vase, and the plant will start to produce side flower stalks.You can do otherwise.The central stem, grown up to half of its height, must be cut off, without waiting for the flowering, leaving the stump height of 15-20 cm. Immediately go strong side shoots, and will have more than one flower on the stem, and a dozen.Therefore, it is quite different, because when one is not a flower, and a dozen, it's very impressive.

antirinnum Sowing should be at the beginning or end of March, he comes up in two weeks, and once ascended, it should immediately raspikirovat.It is difficult, but it is well tolerated by the pick.Take convenient for you spatula, for example, a spoonful of salt, take out a lump of land and planting the right plants in the 2-4 cup of yogurt, planting pretty close.Since the seeds of snapdragons are very small, they can be sown in the snow, as mentioned above, and from 3 - 4 seeds in one container.With any method of planting is necessary to transplant a month, because it is a powerful plant and root system is quite powerful, so need a large amount.You can use a half-liter cups of sour cream.In soil planted in mid-May, and in fact you will be planting more than one plant, and 3-4 fused together, they need a large supply area, not less than 30 x 30 cm. If in this case you also shorten the central stem, asmentioned above, or trim the stalks, then the plant will bloom bush of great beauty.The bush is sometimes so powerful Curtain, that from a distance one can not determine what kind of plant you have is amazing, starting to ask: what is it?

snapdragon can be sown in a different way, that is, directly into the ground, once in place.You form close 2-3 jacks on the scheme 40 × 40 cm each and sow in late April-early May, approximately 20-30 seeds in each slot.Then you'll have to thin out the seedlings, and in each nest you leave for 4-5 plants.Before the end of spring frost planting should be covered with a double layer lutrasila.Flowering is amazing, but unfortunately, only in bloom Curtain avgusge, however, and will bloom until late September.I recommend to buy seeds of this experiment stunningly beautiful, a very high (80 cm) varieties of Madame Butterfly.You can do very little courtines.There is such a low dwarf snapdragon called The Hobbit, a height of only 15 cm. But if you make a flower pillow from it as it was said to the high snapdragon, it will look just great, especially on the stony hills.It is interesting that sometimes the fused roots bush overwinter in the soil.In the autumn, in late October, when the bud is perfect, you are cut off and pour it on his bucket of peat.Make it should be before the big need to be quite early spring razokuchit because such wintered hive makes frosts to -3 degrees.Usually I can not save this Curtain, if there were no severe frosts without snow.After a successful winter in the open field of the nest grows an enormous number of shoots.If you have them in the beginning of June to dig up and take root, they will bloom the same fall.

seeds have antirinnuma ripen late, in late September and early October.They can be collected in a bag before being cracked boll not to lose.Then sprinkle on paper and dry.