A new type of plantation

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit And Vegetables

unusual advice. proposed a fundamentally new type of orchard, which aims to optimize the architecture of the crown and to achieve rational distribution of assimilation products due to the relatively small amount of wood, part of the skeleton of the tree.This is achieved by a system of formation and cultivation of fruit crops, called "modified Lepage".Garden generated by this system on a conventional traditional varieties and rootstocks by annual planting seedlings (or their growing site constant) placing the 3.0 x 1.0 m (aisles - 3.0 m from each other plants in the row at a distance1.0 m).

Since the first year, every autumn should be one the strongest annual shoots on the tree translate in a horizontal position, and the spring in place to grow new escape cast a ring of wire (or twine), iedo receive "ringing".The following year, the strongest formed on trunks (at the fold last year's branches) escape again tilted in the opposite direction.In virtue of the law of accelerated biodiversity bookmark of flow

er buds on the horizontal location shoots and reinforced his power by receiving ringing 3-year-old branches formed in this way are starting to bear fruit trees.

Formation of trees according to the "modified Lepage", 1st year

Formation of trees on the "Modified Lepage" system, 2nd year

In subsequent years, this operation is repeated, ie,form a tree of the type "Lepage".However, in contrast, have to annually remove 3-year-old branches (by combining it with the harvest or after the removal of fruit: in late autumn, early spring of next year).

Thus, unlike other formirovok, a tree formed by "Modified Lepage" system, it is possible to distinguish three functional areas:

1. Growth Zone - 1-year-old upright - growing shoots.

2. Zone training to fruit - 2-year horizontally placed branches.

3. fruiting zone - 3-year-old branches that are removed annually.

Therefore, the tree will consist of many years the trunk, gradually and slowly rising to the height of the branches and 3, 2 and 1-year-olds, which are located in different functional areas.Zone 1 - year shoots provides tree growth in height and creates a basic assimilation apparatus leaves in zone 2-year shoots comes to fruit preparations, and 3 year old shoots fruits are formed.

Formation of trees according to the "modified Lepage", 3rd year

New Forming provides a high yield of excellent quality fruit by creating a tight fit and the best lighting conditions, as well as the lack of a large mass of long-term ( "parasitic") wood and stuntingplantations.

The ratio of vegetative and reproductive parts of the tree remains throughout life about the same (with a slight increase in long-term timber due to the growth of the main trunk).This may indicate a yield stress stability and hence the lack of periodicity of fruiting.

The benefits of the system should include simple tree trimming: you need to know one rule - an annual cut 3-year-old branches and pinch shoots 2-year-olds branches.In addition, if the translation of 1-year-old runaway in a horizontal position to make banding branches, instead of trimming can be broken off to do the shoot.In addition, trees with a much slower formirovke reach a height of 2-2.5 m, but because behind them easier to care.And none of formirovok as this, can not protect the flowers from spring frosts, as it is possible to cover these low trees, film special cloth, etc.