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Petunia - a native of Argentina and Brazil, belongs to Solanaceae plants.

In his homeland but the perennials, but the nose does not hibernate and are used as annuals.Of course, modern hybrids soda are very different from their wild ancestors.Main breeding robots on their creation began in the middle of the XIX century in America and around the world are continuing to this day.

There are more than 25 species of petunias, among them there melkotsvetkovye forms of plant height from 20 to 40 cm bloom in 70-75 days after emergence, and large-height can reach 60 cm. These petunias bloom two weeks later melkotsvetkovyh.There terry form, shoots length who can reach more than 1 m in length.

Petunias feature the most diverse colors and abundant flowering throughout the summer, starting from late June to frost the most.To the soil the plant is unpretentious, but does not like acidic soil.It should not be planted petunias on soil rich in organic matter (well-rotted manure or compost).Plants will thrive, but it is

bad to bloom.The best soil for them - a mixture of peat, sand and garden land and ash.Peat and garden land should be taken equally, and at the same time for each bucket of peat should take half a bucket of sand and add a quart jar of ash (or a glass of dolomite).When sowing and transplantation in a mixture of plants will have to be fed.Best result gives no irrigation water and a weak fertilizer solution.Using this you can have all that you have on hand.Sweetpea "Gumi" (or better yet "fitosporin") per 10 liters of water.Perfect fertilizer Buyskiy chemical plant "Rastvorin" (1 tbsp. Tablespoon per 10 liters of water), or "Om" (a pinch per 10 liters of water), or just 1 tbsp.spoon of NPK per 10 liters of water.

Petunia sun-and, in principle, it is drought-resistant, especially melkotsvetkovye form.Large-terry and more demanding of food and warmth.This moisture-loving plants, they will grow if you have the sun, then when there is insufficient irrigation instantly turn yellow.Once you plant abundantly pour the ends of the shoots again will go to the growth, but withered and shriveled leaves on the bottom or the central part of the stems no longer be restored and the central part of the bush exposed, which, of course, is not conducive to their decoration.

If the hot weather you are away from the area for a week, then slide into the container with the planting of 300-gram bottles of nutrient solution.To do this, filled the bottle, in which, of course, screwed the lid, holding a finger hole, and turn the neck quickly plugging into the soil.Among the lush bush petunia they are practically invisible and do not spoil the general form, but you will free from the problems with irrigation but a couple of weeks.

Petunias grow best in a container shape, they are particularly impressive look at ampelnye landings.To plant did not lose its decorative effect, when planting them in a container under the roots fill half a glass of the swollen hydrogel.Then you can safely go for a week or two without worrying about watering plants.

For a better branching and hence the formation of a more lush bush, it is necessary to make a pinched (open) end of the central and lateral shoots as soon as they are fully grown at 12-15 cm. In the care it is necessary to remove the withered flowers.First, it extends the life of the rest of the open flowers, and secondly, decorative bushes remain.After frost will damage the aerial part, but by making a cut, you can still admire the flowering petunias, because it makes small autumn frosts quite firmly.When the season is over, do not water plants, then they can easily shake out of the containers and make compost.

wreckers have virtually no petunias.In late summer, upon the occurrence of wet and cold weather, plants may develop powdery mildew.Just make advance preventive spraying landings "Cubic Zirconia" (2 drops per 1 liter of water).But if you missed the right moment and with a white coating, the drug concentration should be increased to 4-6 drops per 1 liter.

Petunia propagated by seeds sown that should be done in early March, as it is recommended for all small seeds, that is, superficially, in any case not falling asleep their soil.Its seeds can be taken, scattering shrunken flowers on thick white paper in the box.When they finally will shrink, they should gut.Seeds are small as a speck of dust, gently shake off the paper in a plastic bag and close.It is best stored in the refrigerator.

There is a way to self-sowing cultivation of petunias.Just throw her withering flowers directly under the plant, and in the fall cut away the aboveground part and blow into compost, container covers the film and leave for the winter.In the spring of film shooting, well-watered soil water and then cover the container film.Appeared seedlings should be thinned out thoroughly and ensure that they do not podmerzli with frost (transfer containers in the greenhouse).

Another matter, which threatens the petunia seedlings grown not only self-seeding, but when sowing seeds home- blackleg (black constriction appears in the bottom of the stalks in the seedlings).As a rule, blackleg results in the death of seedlings.It always happens when thickened crops and over-wetting the soil.So make time thinning or singling seedling, not pereuvlazhnyat soil, preventive spray plants "zircon" solution to the point where they will have 2-3 true leaves.The soil before planting the seeds and seedlings should be sparring dampening solution "fitosporin" to destroy the spores that cause the disease.

can be propagated by cuttings petunia, especially recommended for terry forms because of the sown and germinating seeds terry petunias to 30% of the plants grow with nemahrovymi flowers.For cuttings, you can use the tops of the shoots, you'll shorten them.