China aster

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Different Colors

The biggest trouble this plant - poor seed germination and a very short shelf life - only 1 year.That is why so many failures in growing asters lovers.Seeds should take their own, but that's because the thing: most beautiful asters - a hybrid, and they, through their properties seeds do not transmit.Do not sow the seedlings early, overgrown seedlings of little help.cheer up the seeds in late March.Prepared soil, moisten a weak solution "fitosporin" fill her boarding box, seal, sow the seeds,

as already mentioned, by mixing them with the rot of tea or coffee.No thickening of crops!Top seeds sprinkle dry soil and seal crops tablespoon.Cover the box with foil or glass and place in a warm place.Make sure the soil does not dry up, but not pereuvlazhnyat it.It is best to spray the soil from hand sprayer, rather than watering.After a week there will be shoots.Now the film can be removed, and the seedlings transferred to the brightest spot or highlight fluorescent light or lamp Reflax.The add-settled water whe

n watering fertilizer, for example, 2 h. Spoon of water W l "Uniflor-growth" of the drug or any complete fertilizer.It will not hurt a couple of times a month to water the soil "fitosporin" in order to avoid the appearance of blackleg.When the plants will be a couple of true leaves, it should either raspikirovat or thin out, leaving the plants under the scheme 3x3 cm. Thin out the easiest way, tearing out the extra plants tweezers.Seedlings asters should be preventively every 10 days, spray the "Cubic Zirconia" (2 drops per 1 liter of water).After a pass by spring frosts, the plants can be planted in open ground in the appropriate place.It should be sunny, soil - neutral and fertile.The soil should be added to the sand and ashes.In addition, the landing place or must be processed in advance "fitosporin" or preparation containing copper.Perfect Bordeaux mixture.This is done for the prevention of disease blackleg and fading, which frequently affects asters planted seedlings.In the future, watch out for soil moisture.Continue to spray plants "Cubic Zirconia".Excellent effect on asters, as, indeed, and all plants, the drug "Healthy Garden".

largest and most beautiful flower is formed at the central escape.Asters - srezochnyh flowers, and beautiful, long central spike highlights the beauty of the flower.If you cut it will not, and will remove only a fading flower, from the axils of the leaves, arranged on the stem, will stepchildren, which will buds too.But to reveal to them the flowers will have stubby stalks, unsuitable for cutting.In this case it remains to admire the lush flowering asters on shrubs.

To cut flowers last longer stood in a vase, or toss into the water a couple of peas «Healthy Garden", or add 1 h. Spoon of sugar (for power plants), and the pellet citric acid (to suppress harmful microflora).In wet weather on asters may appear powdery mildew.If you will systematically apply the "Zircon", then it will not be.But if the disease is manifested, then spray the plants "Zirconia" higher concentration (4 drops per 1 liter of water).

have asters heavy flowers, and they usually fall to the ground when it rains or strong mildew.Flowers get dirty and lose their decorative effect.Therefore, each bush has to be tied up.Sticks for garter plants should be smooth, smooth, same height, to flower not acquired a dull appearance.

From pests asters often attacked by aphids.Regular spraying «Healthy Garden» aphids on aster does not attack.But if you still appeared, then sprinkle landing or "Healthy Garden" (4 grains per 1 liter of water) or "fitoverm" (1 ml per 3 liters of water), but do not use chemical means of protection, because most of them do notsoaked leaves, and therefore have to constantly deal with new generations of aphids arriving females.It is "Fosbetsid" from the intake of chemicals.But your health is still more expensive than flowers health.

Lazy growers can sow the seeds of asters directly into the ground to a permanent place in early May, covering planting place, just in case lutrasilom, although seedlings asters and tolerate frosts to -3 degrees.Druzhnye shoots appear in open ground within 5 days.They should be thinned out with tweezers, and eventually sit on the scheme 20 × 20 cm. Blooming plants usually after 2.5-3.5 months after germination.So what colors will be admired in late August and September.Small autumn frosts plants tolerate easily.Its seeds should be taken of the fading flower, dosushit it on paper in the room.Dry seeds are better kept in sealed plastic bags in the refrigerator.

There are a variety of breeds and hybrids of annual asters most unusual shape and color of flowers!That variety can boast a few flowers.If you like asters, then - the flag in your hands!