Pepper bitter , small

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit And Vegetables

family - Solanaceae.Motherland - Central and South America.A small perennial herbaceous fruit and ornamental plant up to 30 - 40 cm. The main decoration of hot pepper - fruit, which, depending on the varieties are painted in bright red, red, yellow, orange or purple color, usually ranging in size from 2.5 to 5cm. It is deservedly considered to be the most ornate houseplants.Flowers had yellowish-white, bloom in late June, early July.

♦ Placement.Plants are located in rooms with direct sunlight.Typically, 3-month-old seedling since the beginnings of flower buds in June, put on a sunny windowsill.With the onset of cooler autumn and winter days, pepper transferred into a moderately warm room, where they ripen its fruit.

♦ Care.Sown in early March put the seeds in a warm room.With the emergence of seedling plants diving into boxes or pots, and when the first true leaves develop, they are transplanted into pots again.For hot pepper planting substrate is the same as for pepper.

abundant watering.Once feedin

g is carried out in two weeks, better liquid fertilizer "Rainbow".The plant requires high humidity, so put it in the pan with a wet gravel.When grown in culture, the annual transplant he does not need.After ripening plant is destroyed.The old bushes can be rejuvenated by pruning, then enhanced the education of young shoots, flowering and fruiting, and the plant can be grown in 2 - 3-year-old culture.

♦ Pests and diseases - the same as for pepper.

♦ Reproduction - seeds.


By eating hot peppers used in small quantities in order to excite the appetite, and dry ground -to as a seasoning for various dishes.recommended to be taken with food to improve digestive alcoholic infusion of bitter pepper.Pepper patches known as an excellent remedy for arthritis and rheumatism, and ointment, powder derived from cayenne pepper, is used by frostbite.