Sweet pepper or paprika

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit And Vegetables

family - Solanaceae.Motherland - Central and South America.Sweet pepper - a small perennial (cultivated -odnoletnee) heat-loving plant, up to 40 - 60 cm in height.In the indoor environment to create the appropriate conditions it blooms and bears fruit.

Sheet - simple, entire, leaf blade length - 10 - 15 cm Flowers -. Yellowish-white, bisexual, usually disclosed in the first half of the day.Pollinated flowers of both your own and others' pollen.You can not grow a number of sweet and hot peppers, because cross-pollination occurs, and sweet peppers become bitter.The fruit of pepper - a false berry is a wide variety of colors white, yellow, dark green, purple and bright red color.Flowering plant throughout its life, so the plant can often be seen and flowers and fruits.When ripe, the fruits of pepper is a wonderful decoration of the premises.

For room culture, balconies, loggias recommend the following varieties: Swallow, Maikop 470, Winnie the Pooh, The Mysterious Island, Firstborn Siberia, Treasure Islan

d, and in the south of the country - Victoria, Gift of Moldova and others.

♦ Placement.Peppers are placed in bright rooms with direct sunlight.The optimum temperature at a content of 20 + - + 2b ° C day and 18 - + 20 ° C at night.In low light (Cloudy) air temperature should be slightly reduced.

On glazed balconies and loggias growing peppers can be transferred in mid-May.

Receive pepper fruits depending on planting date and varieties can be from April until December.

♦ Care.In the culture room for growing peppers is best to use the method of seedling.For finished seedlings from seeds needed in summer and 40-50 days 50 - 60 days in winter.Seeds of pepper previously etched in a 1% manganese, potassium acid for 20 minutes.Then washed in running water and sown in sowing boxes.After 20 days after emergence, from the boxes choose stronger plants and dive in pots.As a substrate using a highly "Biogrunt" sold in stores or make a soil mixture of humus, sod land, peat and river sand in the ratio of 5: 2: 2.1.

When plants swordplay taproot pinch of pepper and the root system is fully fit in a small volume pot (15x15 cm) or drawer.The landing peppers in pots is recommended to carry out in mid-February, and bring them to unheated terraces, balconies and loggias - in the first or second decade of May.

The hottest time of abundant watering, but not more often than once every 2 - 3 days.

Recommended soil in pots or boxes on a regular basis to loosen.Peppers fed every 10 days, for which it is best to use a universal granular fertilizer "Flower" or liquid concentrated fertilizer "Rainbow".

When flowering plant periodically shaken for better pollination.

once in 10 - 15 days to be removed sick and ugly fruit and yellow leaves.

pepper plants that are in boxes or pots, tied up to a trellis stretched specially arranged by a thick cord or wire.The fruit is collected in process of maturing.

♦ Pests and diseases - aphids, spider mites, whitefly and mildew.When an excess of water in the soil -Black leg and brown leaf spot.

♦ Reproduction - seeds.


pepper stewed with tomatoes "Lecho"

8 pieces of green pepper cut into strips, put in fat with onions until soft, then add the slices of 8 solid tomatoes, black pepper, salt and simmer until cooked tomatoes.Then drive a 4 eggs and cook until eggs are not zagusteyut, stirring constantly.By peppers served savory bread or porridge.

pepper, cooked fast way "minute"

8 pieces of pepper cut into thin strips, sprinkle with ground cumin and salt, put in a saucepan with hot fat and cook, cover, a few minutes without pouring water.Pepper is soft, but does not lose its green color.To thus prepared peppers recommend feeding white bread and potatoes.Delicious!

salad of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers

4 pieces of pepper, 1 cucumber, 4 pieces of tomatoes, 1 onion, salt, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, sugar, vinegar.

Peppers cleaned of seeds and finely chop.Cucumber and tomatoes cut into slices, add finely chopped onion, sugar, salt, vegetable oil.All mix thoroughly and leave for a while.


Wash peppers, remove the seeds, again washed and cut into pieces.Blanch for 3-4 minutes in boiling water and cool immediately in cold.Small tomatoes and wash layers with pepper put in jars.Parsley cut and put on the bottom.Pour the boiling tomato juice with salt and sterilized in boiling water (liter jars -50-60 min.).

main advantage of sweet pepper - is the presence in the fruit of a large number of vitamins.

So, the content of vitamin C it is superior to all vegetable plants.

Fruits peppers are rich in vitamin P.

lot of them carotene, thiamine (vitamin B group), and others.To a man could meet the daily requirement of vitamins C and P, enough to eat only 20 -50 grams of sweet pepper (1 fruit).