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family - Solanaceae.Motherland - the tropical countries of Southeast Asia.

Perennial, in the culture of an annual, self-pollinating herb.The height of the bush is in the range of 25 to 100 cm. The plant is stable and does not need support.Leaves alternate, entire.The flowers are large, solitary, light purple, sometimes collected in the brush.Fruits -Berries various sizes and shapes (round, pear-shaped, cylindrical).average fruit weight in the range of 50 to 1400 - 1500 g. fruits very interesting, is traditionally painted from purple to white, orange, red or near.In the food consumed fruit at the age of 30 - 40 days, boiled, fried, stuffed form.In addition, they are indispensable for preserving.

For indoor and balcony cultivation the most suitable dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties.These include: Donetsk yielding, Lolita, Solaris, Miniature Early-921, Universal and others.

Grow eggplants indoors only seedling method.

♦ Placement.At the time of installation of the window unheated rooms (10 - 20 February),

the eggplant should have a thick stalk with 5 - 6 leaves and a well-developed root system.Windows should use the south and south-west orientation.In unheated porches and loggias boxes or pots with eggplant set not later than the first decade of May.The optimum temperature of growth and development is 23 - 28 ° C.By reducing the temperature to 13 - 15 ° C growth and development ceases.

♦ Care.Seedlings of eggplant with 5 - 6 leaves, usually at the age of 45-55 days, sit in large earthenware or plastic pots with a diameter of 18 - 20 cm, or in the appropriate boxes.The best substrate for indoor cultivation is "Biogrunt" or rich humus Ogorodnaya or floral mixture.The substrate before planting eggplants be wetted with water, as in this case, markedly increased plant survival.Watering regular and abundant, it is best in the evening.With a lack of moisture eggplant throw flowers.Feeding is carried out every 10-15 days, a versatile granular fertilizer or liquid concentrated fertilizer "Rainbow".

plant formation is not carried out, as they have a strong inner barrel and they grow well in a pot.Excessive growth should be the tops of side shoots pinch.

Sometimes eggplant poorly knotted fruits in room conditions.Worth spending extra brush, artificial pollination.

♦ Pests and diseases - whitefly, aphids hothouse, disease - late blight, Fusarium wilt and brown leaf spot.

♦ reproduction - as well as tomatoes, - seeds.


Pomazanka eggplant

2 eggplant wash and bake in the oven until soft.Peel and finely chop.Add pureed through a sieve of 2 medium-sized tomatoes, grated garlic and a bit of ground walnuts or hazelnuts.All mix well, taste Add the ground coriander, sugar, vinegar, salt.Thus prepared pomazankoy smeared bread slices, sprinkle with chopped onions.

Eggplant stuffed with meat Eggplant

have cut off the top and remove the pulp with a spoon.Excavated flesh finely chopped, mixed with minced meat, salt, spices and onions passerovannym.This mass to fill the eggplant, put them in a saucepan greased.Pour a little water and simmer until tender.On 4 eggplants - 250 grams of meat, 1 onion, 100 grams of vegetable oil.

Veal with eggplant

5 thinly sliced ​​eggplant, fry them in fat.Separately fry 600g of minced veal with 3 - 4 tomatoes, 1-2 onions, 1-2 sweet peppers, parsley, black pepper.

Put in a pan range of eggplant, a layer of minced meat, besides a number of eggplant.The top row should be eggplant.Add 1 tomato, thinly sliced, a little parsley and pour 1-2 cups of water.Cook over moderate heat until the water has evaporated.Serve with a salad of baked sweet pepper and tomato.

Fried eggplant

4 Eggplant wash, cut lengthwise into thin plates, sprinkle with salt and black pepper.Fry on both sides in vegetable oil.Lay on a dish.Cover with minced walnuts (10 - 15 pcs.), 3-4 cloves of garlic and cilantro.All sprinkled with chopped parsley zelennyu.

In Europe, eggplants only learned about in the XV century.Even 300 years ago, Europeans were afraid to use these fruits to eat, even though they had excellent taste and health indicators.