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family - pumpkin.Homeland - North India, where cucumbers are widely cultivated for 3 thousand years BC..At present, this culture is widely distributed around the globe.

Cucumber - an annual herbaceous plant, mostly monoecious.The stem creeping or climbing, hairy tiny colorless hairs, its size reaches 1 - 2 meters.Leaves, whole with jagged edges.The flowers are 3-4 cm, yellow, gay.Most varieties of male and female flowers are located on the same plant.Starting with 3 - 4 sheet in the leaf axils formed tendrils, by which the plant is strengthened on support.Fruit - a false berry.

In cucumber are parthenocarpic varieties, forming only female flowers.Fruits without pollination formed, but in this case the seed is not formed.Currently displayed polukustovye and bush cucumbers.Cucumbers moisture-loving and extremely light-loving plants.It is very demanding to heat and soil fertility.The optimum soil moisture for growing cucumbers - 75 - 85%, and the air 85 - 90%.

fruits of cucumbers have a high taste and di

etary qualities, rich in mineral salts and enzymes, small amounts of vitamins (C, B, A).

The apartments cucumbers easily work out, especially after the launch of varieties suitable for cultivation in the room conditions.The best among them is Rytovsky.The plant is compact, beautiful, easily lifted up by pillars.

Cucumber NK mini - ultra-fast, pcheloopyljaemogo grade.. The dimensions of the bush not more than 25-40 cm in the axils of each leaf is 2 - 3 female bud forming small fruits up to 10 cm Yield 30 -. 40 fruits per plant.The rooms require manual pollination.If you sow seeds in early April, in June, the fruit can be harvested already.

Cucumber Regatta - early maturing, parthenocarpic, self-pollinated varieties with a mass of 150 g fruit Fruits are characterized by high taste qualities.Excellent work out on the window sill, covered loggias, verandas.Yields of up to 30 - 40 fruits per plant.It features resistance to diseases.

to room conditions and recommend Foton brand.Early maturing, it begins to bear fruit after 40 - 50 days after emergence.Fruits are 8-10 cm long. It features high resistance to mildew and mildew.From one plant with proper care can be collected 40-45 fruits.Good work out in the rooms next parthenocarpic varieties: April, Stella, Zozulya, Debut, Cucaracha, Gribovchanka and others.

♦ Placement.At room conditions cucumbers are best grown on windowsills windows facing south, southeast or east side.There are a lot of light, and the yield may be the highest.At later stages of crop (May - end of June) pots or boxes with cucumbers is recommended to put on the Western and even the northern windows, balconies and loggias.

Note that cucumbers can not tolerate drafts and frequent temperature changes.Therefore, ventilation of premises, young, newly planted plants and seedlings are covered with a newspaper or thick paper.

♦ Planting and care.Grow indoors cucumbers should be in large clay pots, tubs, buckets capacity of 8 - 10 liters.The best substrate for growing cucumbers is a mixture of humus, low-moor peat ordinary garden land and coarse sand in a ratio of 4: 4: 2: 1.High yields of cucumber can be obtained when using the finished soil-ground "Rose", with a high content of humus and neutral environment.

best to use seedling method for growing cucumbers.When planting a permanent place they should have 4-5 well-developed leaves and a strong root system.Usually it comes in 25-30 days after emergence.With a lack of heat and light the seedlings can be ready only after 32-45 days.Seeds sown in peat-compost pots or small containers.After emergence transplant them carefully.Before planting in a container a few centimeters poured drainage of small pebbles.The plant is planted in the middle in such a way that it is 2 - 3 cm above the soil,

Immediately after planting cucumbers defended poured warm water (22 - 24 ° C).Pots set for permanent (shelves, tables, window sills) and pull out of thin twine trellis for climbing vines that are sent.

With the advent of the third true leaf tip of the shoot with, bud pinch.This is done to speed up the appearance of side shoots, which are the main carriers of female flowers, ovaries and fruits.With the 5-6 leaf is removed the top of each lash.Thus, the present trellis.Korotkoplodnye parthenocarpic plants are formed in the same way as regular cucumbers.Watering cucumbers necessarily defended water at room temperature.On sunny days, pour at least 2 times a day, and in cloudy weather - 2 - 3 times a week.Watering recommend spending the morning or in the evening only.On hot days the reception is required humidification with room spray.

Feed up cucumbers fertilizers.Very good results are obtained by feeding the plants with organic fertilizers.If possible, it is best to use a mullein infusion, diluted with water 10 times, or bird droppings, diluted 15 times.Well fed concentrated liquid fertilizer for indoor plants, "Rainbow", or granular fertilizer, "Flower".Feed the cucumbers for the first time should be in 12-15 days after planting.Subsequent feeding is best done once in 10 - 12 days.The interval between dressings depends on the time of year and the phases of cucumbers.

To obtain a high yield of cucumber plants needed in the flowering period to carry out manual pollination.This is usually done as follows: male flower tear, he was removed from the whisk and insert into the socket of the female flower.Pollination is best carried out in good weather, in the morning (6-10 am).

♦ Pests and diseases - spider mite, Aphis gossypii, sprout fly.Among the diseases the greatest harm cucumbers cause anthracnose, powdery mildew, mildew, root rot and Fusarium wilt.It is important to monitor the temperature regime, avoiding strong temperature fluctuations and drafts.

♦ Reproduction - seeds.Seed germination is saved 5 years, but the best fruits are obtained from the seeds of 1 - 2 years of age.

To speed up the germination of seeds and the destruction of some fungal diseases seeds are soaked for 20 - 30 minutes in the humate solution or 1% manganese-acid potassium solution.After washing, the seeds are placed in warm water (25 - + 27 ° C).Then lay out their germination on dinner plate on filter paper or gauze.The temperature during seed germination must be at least 22 - 25 ° C.After one day, the seeds germinate and they are placed in the vessel for growing seedlings.


cucumber salad

1 large cucumber, 2-3 tablespoons of water and vinegar, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, salt, a little sugar.

cucumbers shred or chop and sprinkle with vinegar.Then add salt, a little sugar and a little vegetable oil.You can add salt, dill, green onion, grated apple.Mix everything.

Cucumbers stuffed with meat

4 small cucumber, 250 grams of meat (preferably beef) 1 onion, bay leaf, 1 egg, black pepper, 50 g flour, 50 g of bacon.Cucumber peeled, cut into two halves and remove the grain.Meat cook with onions and spices until soft and mince.Cucumbers stuff with this weight halves connect, to tie a thread.Simmer on bacon.

Cucumbers with a candle

This is - the old way to keep cucumbers fresh.Just collected cucumbers thoroughly wiped with a cloth.Three-liter jar a good wash and sterilize at least 20 minutes.The prepared dry jar and put ordinary candle to the top of the stack cucumbers.Then on 10 minutes, light a candle and then extinguish it, the bank iron lid sealed.Now, on your desk all the winter will be perfectly preserved cucumbers.

salted cucumbers

them ready for rapid consumption, filling the brine at the rate of 400 - 500 g of salt per 10 liters of water.To speed up the pickling cucumbers is recommended to cut off the tips.To obtain salted cucumbers in a few hours, they pour hot brine.In

century BC.e.of cucumbers it is mentioned in ancient Indian literature.For 2000 years BC.e.cucumber had spread to ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece.

The Roman writer and agriculturist Columella in his treatise detailed description of methods of growing cucumbers and their use.He wrote that during this time cucumber is also widely cultivated in Africa.