Accommodation in the area of trees

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Where is the place the trees?And how many of them you can plant?

It depends on your taste.If you prefer a regular garden, you have direct paths, planting rows, which, of course, greatly facilitates the care of plants, then place the trees along the site boundaries, stepping back, as expected, from the neighboring 3-4 meters. And that the land did not disappearnothing landed in the trees and the neighboring border raspberry or black currant, departing from the borders of 1 to 1.5 m Raspberry and apple pears -. plant friendly.Good neighbors with pome fruit and black currant.In addition, the depth of the roots of these trees and shrubs different, so their roots will not oppress one another.Apple and pear prefer soil with a neutral pH, which is very suitable for raspberry and black currant although prefers slightly acidic soil, but neutral as feels good.Over time, trees will grow strongly and can cover his shadow shrubs, but that's okay, because both raspberries and black currants tolerate partial shade w

ith no problems.If you prefer fruit trees purely decorative, the regular planning for them barely acceptable.

Regular garden location immediately dictate to you and its decoration.Clearly, along a row of trees must pass a central, cross-cutting, direct path that lies not closer than 2 m from the trunk of the tree.In addition, it should be wide enough for the passage of the trolley, that is not less than 75 cm. And then nothing else to do but to disembark along it rhizomatous perennial flowers, commonly called perennials.This herbaceous plant whose aerial part dies off in the fall and spring resumes.These do not include bulbs and shrubs with woody stems.

Nor should too much clutter your site ornamental and fruit plants.The principle is the same: less is better.The well-kept flowers everywhere and always look great, you should only keep in mind that plants that lose their decorative effect after flowering, should be covered by such, whose foliage retains decorative and after flowering.Then the flower beds will not lose its appeal throughout the summer

ridges can be created from a number of colors of one or two or three kinds, such as one of a number of pions.Or from a number of pions is interrupted at regular intervals lilies groups.Or to plant a few rows of plants, for example, the background can be planted peonies, then front - row phlox, and in front of them - a series of Astilbe.First ottsvetut peonies at this time begin to grow phlox, covered with openwork foliage Astilbe.When ottsvetut peonies, will Astilbe blooms and after the bloom phlox, plain bottom part which is securely covered with an elegant green Astilbe.Therefore, something will always bloom in the flower-bed, and she will remain decorative throughout the summer.Ridges can be placed not only along the tracks, but also along the walls of buildings, fences, or fruit crops.Can ridges or free-standing group of perennials and flowerbeds turn over the border - any one or more modes suitable to each other dwarf perennials (or annuals, flowering 2-3 months).Such is the edging and has a border, that is, one row of stunted plants.As a border can be used beardless remontant strawberries, low bushes which are decorative throughout the summer, as a beardless wild strawberry blossoms and fruits from May to November.

From a strawberry varieties with red berries can be recommended varieties Mibaba, Baron Solemaher, Rügen, with yellow - yellow and white miracle - White Lotus.There are, of course, and others.About this strawberries, which is also good feeling on the ground with a neutral reaction, although it prefers slightly acidic, have to care too much.Bushes and be sure to share the seat every three years, otherwise it zahireet.

If you make ridges along the row of berry and ornamental shrubs, in books such mixed planting rows of shrubs and perennials called mixborders.Mixborders on a garden site is best positioned along the fence or along the border with neighboring plot.Almost all the plants mentioned in this set need to be about the same soil, besides all rather hygrophilous, but because caring for them is about the same.

along the track will naturally place a so-called ridges.It's just perennials (and annuals, too), planted in symmetrical rows, like soldiers in a row.But it is good to break the monotony of a sudden the geometric arrangement of the individual clumps of flowers.

Most perennials (as annuals) are planted in the whole group - the curtain - or make out in the form of beds of different geometric shape.Such planting must be trimmed with a border, or a stone, or a track laid around them, to distinguish them from the lawn.On the beds very tall plants should be placed in the center, then to the periphery of the flower beds planted all stunted, and at the edge of the ground cover must be placed, that is the lowest.Plants should be chosen so that the bed looked nice from all sides and some flowering plants replaced each summer.Just do not overdo it - ridiculous and absurd to look on a small area is too bulky beds.

In recent years, became fashionable landing plain curtains or flower beds.They are planted plants of different species, but approximately the same color.They are selected so that the plants bloom all summer, one after another.The look is such monochromatic planting very elegant.

often flower beds and clumps of flowers decorated with stones.This is the rocky hills or rockeries.In principle, they can be planted any plant, but sometimes rocky hill is made small low shrubs perennials, bulbous flowers early, stunted conifers, giving a stony hill natural view.For better stability of the stones under them it is necessary to pour the sand.Sometimes these are called landing alpine slide, but this is not true, because in the alpine hill should be planted alpine plants (alpine).I must say that such a region as the North-West, is not suitable for alpine plants, because they can not tolerate excessive moisture and winter thaws, so easy to die, and are not cheap.So the North-West is better to create exactly the rocky hill and put them among the rocks all you like, including high enough plants, just pick them so that they look good together and bloom all summer, one after another.

There is such a thing as a garden - is the flower garden in front of the house, he creates a show, therefore, must be especially well maintained.Either should be planted in the garden are not flowers, and ornamental shrubs, or ferns, or conifers to them do not require more care.Planted - all.While small, it is necessary, of course, weeding and watering.But then there will be no hassle and worries.You can arrange and rocky hill in the garden.Thus, for example, it decided to do in the Baltic States.

In all ways of planting perennials need to provide passageways between the spaces, so as not to trample down the soil.On a rocky hill can be put flat stones on which is convenient to tread.The same can be done among the flower beds.If there is no stone flower bed, then lay the tiles yourself or make a special "tracks".To do this, mix the cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 3, and dilute it all with water until thick sour cream.Then pour into molds and hold for three days in the shade, sometimes wetting the fill water.Then you turn the shape, removing mold and give another week to dry.You can use multiple forms.Very suitable for this plastic packaging for cakes, cookies and so on, the size and shape suitable for the foot.

addition to less weed and water the weeds, it is necessary to mulch the soil for planting.This can be done once the entire area reserved for the colors black cover spanbond or lutrasilom.Experience shows that it is perfectly serve 7-8 years, and, of course, all these years, do not remove the winter Most perennials need dividing transplants and shrubs once in 4-6 years, and only then can be removed from the soil spunbond, dig anddivide perennials, add fresh compost and soil, spread out over the same spunbond, newly planted plants at their same place.Or rearrange them in order to change the boring over the years the panorama.

subtrees space and should not be empty, because the open sun and wind, the soil dries and destroyed, in addition, a holy place is never empty, it immediately occupy the weeds, and the luxury of vacant land on six acres, we can not afford.So plant the land subtrees zemleklunikoy.So it called hybrid strawberry with forest strawberries.Zemleklunika semi-shade, so be able to grow under the canopy of trees, conifers except, of course.Garden and greenhouses with a regular layout area is better placed in its southern part, so that it covered the sun all day.But at the same time it should be visually separated from the main garden arches, pergolas, or simply fence of willow branches, followed by landings on the north side rocker should be grown plants, such as sunflowers, corn, Cosmo, or the land of beautiful ornamental shrubs.