Equipment mushroom picker

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mushrooms

In order to be successful mushroom hunting, you must not only correctly pick mushrooms, but also to pick up the equipment correctly.

How to choose the right clothes?

Clothing designed for mushroom hunting, it should be, above all, light, comfortable and, of course, non-marking.Choose clothes for the weather to be, it must be remembered that in the forest usually somewhat cooler than in the city or in the field.

Nor should we forget that at any moment might rain.

fabric outerwear should be dense, it does not get wet and reliably protect from bites of various insects, while providing air access to the body.

Select tracksuits from synthetic fabrics should not be, as they are often eager to quickly get wet and easily bite through insects.

For summer, you can choose cotton or knitted jogging suit, perfectly suitable for autumn suit velvet or flannel.It is not recommended to wear a costume that would hamper the movement.If the weather is rainy, it should be put on the cloak.

When choosing clothes for mu

shroom gathering can opt for old jeans, all kinds of jackets, camouflage suits, and so on. D.

recommended to choose clothes natural relaxing tones.This suit will allow you to experience complete unity with nature.But if for mushrooms with you kids go, then they better wear something bright, it was easier to keep them in your field of vision.

When choosing clothes for a trip into the woods for mushrooms, special attention should be paid to the following items of clothing:


Even if outside summer clothes for collecting mushrooms should be with long sleeves and cuffs prilёgayuschimi well.

Such a sleeve will protect your hands from unwanted scratches on the branches of trees, as well as insect bites.During a hike in the forest should be to minimize the exposed areas.

Pockets Pockets pants must be as deep and dense.Various valuables such as keys to the apartment or car, and right

t. E., Should not be placed in them, as they may fall out when you bend over to cut the mushroom.

shirt pocket or jacket should be buttoned or lightning.That they can be folded valuables.


Headgear should be mandatory.It is best to opt for a light cap.It will help protect the head from insects, dry and withered leaves that may fall from the trees, from small rain, and so on. D.

In hot weather, in addition to the cap on the head can be put on a bandage, which will prevent wicking sweat in his eyes, asvytirat his forehead with dirty hands should not be.

Visor caps protect the face and eyes from the sun's rays, twigs and cobwebs.


Finding mushrooms have quite a lot of walking, so, you should choose the most comfortable shoes.However, it should be not only comfortable to walk, but also waterproof.This is important even in the dry weather, as in the forest can be found, and the crude ravine and a small creek or wetland.

for walks in the woods in search of mushrooms should not be put on a very narrow or little worn-shoes, as there is a good chance to rub a painful calluses, the presence of which can spoil the whole vacation.

When choosing shoes for collecting mushrooms give preference to well-chosen rubber boots.They should not be very high, but not too short.

is not recommended to fill in the shoes trousers, it is better to leave the top of the shoe.

In this case, leaves, needles or any other debris does not fall into the shoes, but omit them below the base is not necessary, they can wet with dew.

can bring along in the forest, dry pair of socks.They come in handy if you suddenly our feet wet.