Distillation - Lily - Lilium L.

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Rhode lily numerous, contains more than 100 species, distributed in Europe, Asia, North America.Large, bright flowers lilies have long attracted the attention of the person, and in ancient times it was grown as an ornamental plant.lilies images found on ancient Greek and Egyptian monuments.29

Many myths and legends associated with this plant.White lily was considered a symbol of innocence and purity.The Greeks ascribed to her divine origin.Catholics and Christians lily flower is considered to be the Blessed Virgin.Known commitment to the French kings lilies, which have already done with the V century a symbol of royal power.

More than 200 years ago, the systematic selection of lilies was launched first in Japan and then in Europe and America.In our country, Michurin in 1914 was a result of crossing two species of violet lilies lily with large and fragrant flowers.

lilies Breeding continues with success and now.Total in the world there are about 3000 varieties of lilies.

Lily bulbs bare, with loosely

-unconfined imbricated scales, many years.The fleshy scales accumulate nutrients that provide an escape spring growth and wintering plants.The bulbs vary in size scales, shape and color.Increase scales occur inside the bulb and the outer scales gradually tapering and die.

Leaves are narrow, lanceolate or wide enough, their location on the stem ordinary or whorled.

Stem lilies in a straight line, in some species - curving, gustooblistvenny finishes one or many flowers, gathered in racemose or umbellate inflorescences.

The flowers of most species are large, of various shapes and colors.The shape of the flowers are kubkovidnye.cupped (shirokovoronkovidnye) chalmovidnye, tubular, etc...

Coloration varies lilies flowers in yellow, orange, pink and red tones - from the most delicate to the saturation-schenno-carmine-red.Very dressy 30 white lilies.

Fig.lily flower forms: / - kobkovidnaya;2 - chachmovidnaya;3 - cupped;4 - campanulate;5 - tubular

Growing lilies in the living room it is possible and allows you to have beautiful flowers in winter and early spring time.In addition, under the glass can grow heat-loving species such as the golden lily, Japanese, Nepalese and others that do not hibernate in our conditions in the soil.

Lily - large plants, large and deep enough capacity required for them (large pots, boxes, containers).For the distillation take quite matured bulbs, which bloom in the summer do not provide in advance all the plucking buds;bulbs should bt dense, healthy, 5-10 cm in diameter.

Dig lily in late September - early October, selected bulbs should not dry up, so they put in a drawer, or fall asleep moist peat moss and place in a cellar with a temperature of 5-10 ° C.Cooling Period bulbs must be at least 6 weeks.The longer cooling - the greater the confidence in the success of distillation.Lilies are planted in late October or November, then flowering will be in April -mae as for the development of lilies from planting to flowering required 18-22 weeks.The duration of the forcing Asian lilies reduced by increasing the duration of daylight.So, to get the flowers to the 8th of March, the bulbs are planted on 10 December.When distillation May 9 forcing lilies period is much shorter: the bulbs are planted on 28 February.

time forcing tubular lilies around 120 days.

in pots or containers poured a layer of gravel or coarse sand, then fill them with soil layer 3-4 cm, over which is poured a thin layer of sand, and it planted the bulb, gently stroking the roots, so as not to break them.From the tops of the bulbs to the edge of the pot should be no less than 5 cm. This space is filled with soil later when 32-Molo doy germ grows the edge of the pot and begin

formed stem roots.After planting the bulbs are well watered and put the container in a cool place at a temperature of 5-8 ° C.

When the seedlings reach a height of 15-20 cm, Lily put on the lights and raise the temperature to 12-15 ° C, and in a week - up to 18-20 ° C.

With the advent of the stem begin feeding.Fertilize once a week until the colored buds.After cutting the flowers watering reduced to a complete drying of the leaves.Then the bulbs are planted in the dorashiva-set.

all ranotsvetuschie lily can be used for distillation.Good work out varieties and hybrids of lilies Dutch, Longiflorum, royal (Regalia), hybrids and other tubular.

Description vygonochnyh varieties.Volzhanka.From 3 to 9, tubular flowers, white with a cream shade, with apricot-yellow center.Diameter 12 cm. The aroma is strong.

Volkhov.Tsvetkov 5-8, kubkovidnye widely ogkrytye, 10-12 cm in diameter, orange-yellow.The height of 80-100 cm. It forms the bulb stem.Flowers in July.

Pyramid.Pyramidal inflorescence of 15-28 flowers are cup-shaped, yellow-orange, size 11-13 cm. Plant height 60-70 cm.

Northern Palmyra.The inflorescence up to 15 tubular pink and white flowers, with a diameter of 20 cm. Fragrant.Plant height reaches 120-150 cm. Powerful and very showy plant.

Ryabinka.Thick, racemose inflorescence of 11-12 bowl-shaped orange-red flowers with numerous dark brown spots and strokes.The flowers are 11-12 cm in diameter are directed upwards.Plant height of 70-80 cm.

Sibiryachka.Loose, racemose inflorescence: 7-13 Winners' prominent, bright red flowers facing upwards.flower diameter of 12-13 cm. Plant height 90-120 cm. 33

Atsdromeda.Racemose inflorescence of 10-J 6 cupped upward, golden-yellow flowers with dark brown spots in the center.The diameter of the flower reach 13-15 cm. The brown color of the stem at the top of konrastiruet with yellow flowers.Plant height 120-140 cm.

Vesta.The conical inflorescence of 9-13 cup-shaped light-lo-yellow flowers, directed upwards.flower diameter of 12-13 cm. Plant height 95-105 cm.

Polyushko.The inflorescence to 7-11 flowers bright orange color with a few dark brown spots at the base of shares.Shirokochashevidnye flowers facing upwards.Bloom size 14-16 cm. Plant height 90-110 cm.

Pink Fantasy.Inflorescence racemose-umbellate, from 11-15 Bloom size 14-15 cm, bright pink color, with a creamy center.Shirokochashevidnye flowers facing upwards.Plants tall (130 cm), strong, with a thick stem.Bulba at overripeness germinate directly on the stem.

Irina.The racemose inflorescence 3-9 large, tubular flowers are white in color, with a light yellow center.Outside flower petals lilac-pink, in white, with pale-pink edges.The diameter of the flower reaches 15 to 17 cm. Plant height 160 cm. The aroma medium, specific.