Reasonable protection from garden pests

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

garden pest control should be done in the first place, on time, and secondly, do not use chemical poisons in his garden, with rare exceptions.

first garden protection against pests do before the start of sap flow.For the North-West is the end of March or the beginning of April.Dissolve 700 g of urea (carbamide) 10 liters of water and carefully sprinkle all the trees on the tips of branches to the branches and forks around the trunk, and the soil under the plants in the tree trunks.Such spraying destroy overwintering pests on the tree, as well as those who hibernates under the trees, and they are many.Instead, you can use urea potash fertilizer that does not contain chlorine, or 1 kg of salt.

Attention!Spraying can not be done since the swelling of the kidneys before leaving the plant for the winter rest, otherwise you will burn them.

However, spraying does not protect the garden from pests arriving from elsewhere, particularly from the moth.To do this, there are modern biological drugs - "Fitoverm"

and "Iskra-bio" ( "Agravertin»),

In addition, the aid comes Biocomplex «Healthy Garden» (homeopathic medicine "Aurum-S")."Healthy Garden", being unique biological regulator of cell juice, change its structure so that it has the information on the normal balance between carbohydrates and proteins.And thus deceiving pests that simply fly past in search of a tasty food.To continuously maintain such a balance, all plants, not just apple, should be regularly sprayed with this drug.As experience has shown, it is sufficient to spray the garden in May, June, July and August on the leaves in the evening, to the preparation sucked, not evaporated from the leaves.The suction process takes about 3 to 4 hours, so the weather should be dry for at least a spraying time to the rain washed away the drug from the leaves.


If you're once a month in May (at the time of unfolding leaves), June, July and August to spray your garden this Biocomplex, you will not have not only the moth, and scab on apple.Even aphid does not touch such plants.

Often in the spring, at the time of unfolding leaves, pests literally all together attack the plant, including on health, especially aphids.We must first understand why this is happening, and then take the necessary measures to save the garden from this scourge.

fact that all pests (mites and insects) prefer to eat carbohydrates.In the spring, the roots of all garden plants begin to work and deliver the minerals needed to build protein only after the occurrence of the soil in the root zone warms up to 8 degrees Celsius, and photosynthesis begins just 20 seconds, as soon as the sheet begins to unfold.As for the production of protein material is insufficient, the leaf produces carbohydrates, because it requires the carbon dioxide that the plant is able to take out of the air and water, a supply of which in plants is always there.Moreover, the roots that the growth and development need to carbohydrate meals, still asleep and carbohydrates are not used.Excess carbohydrates in the early spring plants attract pests, so they fly for lunch on all sides.At this time the pests feast, especially as a young leaf easy puncture to suck the juice, and easy to chew.This situation is particularly common in regions with a cold, lingering in the spring, for example, in the North West.

What and how to help the plants in the spring

First of all, we have to work instead of the roots and transported to the sheet necessary mineral elements sprinkled plants by unfolding leaves full of mineral dressing, for example, "Uniflor-growth", "ideal", "Kemira-Lux"," Florist "and even just NPK.The main thing here - not burning his young foliage, and it is better to make a solution weaker than stronger.Remember to take the leaves solution for foliar feeding 7-10 times less concentrated than at dressing the roots.So, for foliar feeding "Uniflor-growth" enough 2 h. Tablespoons per 1 bucket of water.When using the "NPK", "Kemira" or "Rastvorina" sufficient 1 tbsp.tablespoons per 10 liters of water.

When unfolding leaves, before budding, very fat like a spring cocktail that will save the garden, and you are from a variety of troubles.We have to do spraying "Healthy Garden" together with other homeopathic medications - "Ekoberinom" ( "The Eye"), which increases plant resistance to weather whims (strong ultraviolet radiation, freezing, drought, extreme temperatures, including between day and night).Suffice it to shake until dissolution is complete 2 grains each in 1 liter of water (it is more convenient to shake the pellet in 100 ml of water, and then add the water until complete liters and mix thoroughly).It should be added in the same solution of 4 drops of "Uniflor-growth" for foliar feeding.

Thus, you can combine just two spring garden spraying.If "Ekoberina" No, replace it with a biological product "Appin-eksgra".By the way, all of these drugs compatible "Fitoverm" (against sucking and chewing pests).Just add 4-5 drops of the same 1 liter of solution.You can immediately add to this solution "Zircon" (reinforcing self-defense against all diseases of plants).2-4 drops sufficiently to 1 liter.Having made such a cocktail and sprinkled them plants, you can help protect them from all evils at once for a period of 2.5-3 weeks.

And after all that interesting: strong, healthy plants to quickly synthesize protein and carbohydrates in their cell sap scarce.The weak, the sick and the synthesized protein slowly in their cell sap is dominated by carbohydrates.That's on them, and then attack virtually all pests.By the way, a slow protein synthesis and can be a reason for the weak sunlight.Therefore, plants that are poorly illuminated by the sun (or, as in the North-West during prolonged cloudy or rainy weather), pests are attacking more often.

If spring cocktail garden it is necessary to spray, because the roots still do not work, then repeat spraying summer watering can be replaced with a solution of "Healthy Garden" on the tree trunks.And you can cook all at once a solution for the summer, and then pour it into a barrel with weeds and feed all the plants in the garden and in the garden.

systematic application of "healthy garden" save your plants from any pests even aphids.

In addition, in the spring, you can add a cocktail drug "ovary", which promotes the formation of ovaries, even in the absence of pollination, which often occurs during freezing."Ovary" can replace drugs "bud" or "Gippersib".They all contain the hormone gibberelin causing increase in the ovaries.Usually this hormone in small quantities contained in the leaves themselves, but especially a lot of it in the plant begins to produce seeds growing.If fertilization has not occurred (when frost or too high temperature when sterilized pollen), and the hormone is not enough for the growth of the ovaries.

You deceive plant, increasing the concentration of gibberelin in the leaves, and it will start to build fruit.In such sprayed during budding fruits and berries, seeds or none at all, or they are undeveloped.

You can spend a fascinating experiment.Sprinkle the cherries before freezing "Ovary" (or "Bouton") on the one hand.After freezing, repeat the spraying on the same side.When you remove the crop, it will be precisely on this side, and the rest as part of the crown, as a rule, will be killed by frost.

At the time of flowering after wintering there are beneficial insects, so, first of all, absolutely can not use chemical garden remedies, secondly, if the soil under the plants was something covered, it is necessary to remove the shelter immediately.

Beneficial insects (there are beneficial mites living in warmer regions than the North-West) - our main helpers in the fight for the harvest.They must be protected in every possible way and to involve in his garden, and this should be put spicy flavoring plants and legumes.