Distillation - Freesia - Freesia

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

belongs to the family Iridaceae.A small bulbous plant with sword-shaped leaves and white, funnel-shaped flowers with the smell of lily of the valley.

For early flowering (December-January) are only early varieties.To be blossoming freesia for the New Year, the bulb should be planted in October.To freesia bloomed all winter, it is necessary to plant bulbs every two weeks, until February.The capacity of a 15 cm diameter plant from five to eight freesia bulbs, depending on their size.

bottom littered with broken shards or coarse gravel for better drainage.On top of the drainage material are encouraged not to put a thin layer of the bog moss and add a bit of charcoal.

After planting the bulbs is not necessary to keep them in the dark, as they quickly take root and start to grow.But they should keep in a cool room.In a warm room of flower arrows will

weak and lethargic.39

When the seedlings reach a height of 5 cm between the bulbs need to stick a few sprigs of branched, such as birch, which will suppor

t the falling flowers and freesia leaves.Greens freesia close branches.Freesia is not only elegant and original form of the inflorescence: flower stalks are bent almost at right angles, and the flowers are perpendicular like a cockscomb, but also ^ it has a wonderful flavor.A selection work added to it at least a remarkable painting of flowers.Lovely shades of yellow, pink and lavender with a move to the red and brown and purple tones made freesia one of the most beautiful bulbous plants, pleasant for view and for the sense of smell.

Freesia blooms after 12 weeks from the date of planting.The soil consists of 2 parts ordinary garden soil and one part of sand.Bulbs can be planted closely, one next to the other, leaving a small space between them, and between the bulbs and container boards.After flowering bulb gradually dried and then placed in storage.

Freesia propagated by seeds and babies.From sowing to flowering takes 6-7 months.The seeds germinate in 3 decades.Before sowing, recommended them to germinate.The soil for planting seedlings take greenhouse or compost.Seedlings are planted after the development of the second leaf.In the summer, young plants are initially kept in Teplicka, and then in the open air or on the sunny balcony of 40, slightly shading.