Tips gardeners

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

• Do not dug up tree trunks.

• Do not remove fallen leaves.Leave it on the perimeter of the crown.It protects against severe frosts root system, in addition, serve as a mulch in the spring and early summer it will process earthworms and soil microorganisms, and the tree will get a good organic fertilizer.To disinfect fallen leaves in early autumn pour it "fitosporin" solution.Spring foliage again pour subtrees "fitosporin".Spring Garden will have a view of uncombed just 2-3 weeks.And then earthworms rastaschat in their burrows remnants of leaves - under the trees become green

• Do not use the leaves in the garden of urban or suburban parks, because they whole assembly of toxic substances.

• Never burn the leaves, as is done in the city.This rich supply of nutrients, which plants prepare their own sustenance.Furthermore, fallen leaves contains a supply of solar energy.Note - nature just does not remove fallen leaves and plant residues of annual plants and the soil beneath them not only is lacking, it

increases fertility, despite the fact that plants grow in one place for many years and no one brings them under no fertilizer.Why do not we learn from the nature of the land use right?

• Do not use pesticides in their own little garden.

• To help the plants easier to transfer the frost and other weather woes, use the "Ekoberin" or "Appin-extra" or "Novosil".

• In the summer against pests use modern biopreparaty- "Fitoverm" and "Iskra-bio".They are not dangerous for us and the environment as made of soil microorganisms.Therefore, nature knows how to dispose of them.They soaked up green leaf and function in the cell sap of the plant 3 weeks, then plant uses them for its own needs.During these three weeks, every listososuschego (aphids, trip, tick, Jose scale) or leaf-eating (caterpillar, beetle) pest tasted the juice or pulp plants, drugs cause paralysis of the gastrointestinal tract, and in 2 hours, he stops eating.The death comes after two days of starvation.Beneficial insects or birds eating the pests such, drugs are not dangerous because they do not act indirectly.

early spring, these drugs are effective against the weevil on the garden strawberries (strawberries), Geese (apple blossom weevil), sawflies of all stripes, krasnogallovoy aphids on the red currants, calling on the leaves of raspberry swellings (galls).The treatment plants of these drugs can be carried out even during fruiting, but the fruit can be eaten only after 48 hours after spraying.

To protect the garden against disease, there are two distinct product - "Zircon" and "fitosporin".The first one is the best to use in conjunction with the "Appin-extra" spray aboveground plant parts.And the second is better to apply for the destruction of pathogens in the soil and fallen leaves.For this spring, as soon as the land was exposed, it is necessary to spray the soil in the beds, in greenhouses, under the trees and bushes.Summer - weed weeds and plants, on which you see mildew, bacterial blight, anthracnose, or any suspicious spot or raids.And in the autumn should be watered soil under the plants and fallen leaves, and other plant residues.

«fitosporin" - a drug that protects plants against all fungal and bacterial diseases, besides, he is a great humic (organic) fertilizer.Environmentally safe.Canned it live bacterium predator Bacillis subtilis lives and "works" in the soils at temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees.So she continued to clean the soil from pathogens for a long time after you fall left from your site."Fitosporin" convenient to use.The plate (200 g) diluted in water twice the volume (400 ml) and place the bottle of solution in a cool place.As soon as you need a solution, take it 1 tbsp.spoon on the bucket (10 liters) of water, stir and use immediately.There is a powder form of fertilizer.With it all just work - just the right amount of powder and plant in a suitable amount of water.Use the prepared solution should be immediately, otherwise awakened bacteria die.It lies dormant, only as long as the concentration of preservative is high.I usually just cook the solution "fitosporin" with "Gumi", which is not only a great organic food source for all plants, but, like all humates, virtually ensures plants defend themselves against pathogens.

«fitosporin" can not be left in the area in the winter, because the living bacteria can be killed when severe frosts.However, the fertilizer will remain itself.Temperature storage of the drug from -20 to +40 degrees.

• «Sweet Couple" - "Zircon" and "Appin-Extra" - use the early spring in the same way as the "Healthy Garden» and «Ekoberin".They can be combined with "Fitofermom" as well as with universal fertilizer."Appin-extra" perfectly helps plants to stressful situations (and plenty of them in the spring)."Zircon" is a unique tool that supports the immune system of plants at the proper level, so after spraying this preparation plant itself almost able to defend themselves from pathogens of fungal, bacterial and even viral diseases.In addition, both drugs contribute to the rapid development of plants, accelerate ripening, improve their taste and safety, enhance the color and smell of flower crops, increases flower size.

• Supporting the body's own immune system of plants in optimal condition, can help plants cope with the disease itself.

There is a very good preparation "Novosil" ( "Silk"), which contains triterpene acid, the same as the famous ginseng, and operates similarly.By the way, a well-known weed Multiped also contains these acids.So eat woodlice in salads themselves and make an infusion for spraying plants (a quarter bucket of chopped greens woodlice in a bucket of water to insist 4 hours stirring, strain and spray all plants during the growing season).As they say, cheap and cheerful!

• For the prevention of diseases caused by fungi (gray mold of strawberry powdery mildew currants and gooseberries, bokalchataya rust monilia stone fruits, etc.), you can use the iodine.Spraying must be repeated after three days.A solution was prepared from 10 mm 5% iodine and 10 liters of water.

But much more effectively used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of any drug plants "Zircon".This preparation contains organic acids that are essential for the immune system of plants.When they are insufficient in the body, the immune system is reduced.So when spraying "Cubic Zirconia" immunity is maintained at the proper level, and the plants themselves perfectly cope with the disease.

• If a long time is the cold weather, or sudden changes in temperature between day and night, or pouring rain, or, conversely, is hot dry weather, plants need your support.Prolonged cold weather give them a top-dressing.The most effective "Uniflor-bud" or "micro-Aquadon graciously."

• In the autumn should take measures against rodents.Young plants of apples, pears, cherries, plums, apricots should wrap kapron tights.Moreover, the lower end should be their prikopat soil.Older plants are tied spruce branches or fabric made of polypropylene fibers (eg, bags ripped out of sugar or flour).Bags of sugar under the convenient in that they can not take off for a long time in the spring, and they will be protected not only from rodents, but also by frost-crack and sunburn.

To protect trees from rabbits apple can enclose a cylinder of wire mesh on all its height.Fold cylinder roomier, so as not to interfere with the growth of branches (with a diameter of about 60-80 cm).