Distillation - lily of the valley - Convallaria

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

lily family.Favorite all plants with delicate, pleasantly fragrant white flowers.45

There are varieties with pink and double flowers.Blooming lilies of the valley can be year-round.For the distillation artificially retarding, keeping germs in refrigerators.For the distillation are used only for garden lilies of the valley, two-three years of age.The rhizomes of lily of the valley should be well matured apical buds (blunt apex and a small bulge - the germ of the future of flowers).In the fall dug roots bind bundles and kept in boxes prikopat outdoors.

Before planting promorazhivayut them in the fridge for 5-6 hours or a day, digging into the snow.In early forcing lilies roots immersed in warm water (about 35 ° C) for 14-16 hours.Higher temperature increases leaf growth.

Planting begin from the second half of October and continue it, if you want to be always blooming lilies of the valley, every 10 days.The illustration shows how to cut the roots of lilies of the valley before planting.It must be borne

in mind that after planting sunflowers new roots do not absorb moisture and develop mainly through cuts roots.

In early forcing lilies of the valley for the best temperature of 30 ° C.The closer the spring, the temperature may be lower.Lilies of the valley from the refrigerator at forcing not require special preparation.

Sprouts of lily of the valley are placed in pots or baskets so that the tops of shoots were on the same level and remained above ground.The pots 9-13 cm in diameter plant from 8 to 15 germs, germs are circumferentially 6-9, and the rest - in the center of the pot.Earth between the shoots must be as far as possible, be sealed.For planting lilies use most loose soil, as it conducts heat better.

sometimes practiced forcing lilies tied bundles 46 in the moss or special pottery,

Fig.Lily of the Valley: 1 - rhizome with the germ;2 - germ bud;3 - flower buds;4 - landing;5 - a flower lily of the valley;6 pruning roots lilies

Fig.Lily of the Valley: 1 - rhizome with the germ;2 - germ bud;3 - flower buds;4 - landing;5 - a flower lily of the valley;6 pruning roots

lily of the valley where the sprouts are planted in its hole;each row of germs fall asleep soil.Lilies of the valley should be put in teplichku or close to heating.On the surface heating pipes are placed low metal box with damp moss, which put pots of lilies of the valley, covered with moss on top of the fine also.To maintain

humidity moss topsheet sprayed or poured with warm water (35%).When the seedlings reach 5-7 cm, the tire is removed moss, lily of the valley and later put on the ambient light, as in direct sunlight the leaves wither and the flower arrows.Sometimes, in order not to drown the flowers, the leaves were removed, leaving the germ each no more than one sheet.

In early forcing flowering lily of the valley for more than a month you must, but closer to spring, and later - no more than 15 days.

Lilies of the valley during the distillation do not allow new roots, the plants are depleted and re-distillation is not suitable.Very often during early forcing not develop leaves.Blooming lilies of the valley put away from windows, sunlight.In cool conditions, lily of the valley flowers retain their freshness longer.