General information about the stone cultures

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

For stone fruits are cherries, plums, blackthorn, damson, cherry, apricot, plum.

should be immediately noted that the cherry and plum - especially plants cross-pollinated, so it is impossible to grow only one tree.We need a pollinator, and not some horrible, and one that is appropriate for the grade you.Cherry and apricot, as well as the thistle, plum can grow alone.But it must be remembered that the apricot and cherry - very tall trees, so they should be given an appropriate place in the garden.Both plants are less hardy than the cherry or plum, more so than an apple tree.In the North-west it is better not to grow.Hassle spate, and little help.

Planting whether their pits on a flat surface or on the hills, you decide, depending on the type of soil in your yard.And the planting is no different from planting apple trees.

Features cultivation

What love stone culture? slightly acid or neutral soil with a high content of potassium and calcium, necessary to create a bone, but it requires further dischar

ge phosphorus, and apricots and cherries - in nitrogen, so the mineral composition of fertilizing them different.

All stone require sunny locations, although it is believed that they can tolerate the penumbra, but in this case, fruiting begins to move to the periphery of the crown.

all stone fruit during the growing season requires heat.The average temperature should not fall below 15 degrees.

Northwest in general is the northern boundary of the stone fruit crop in Russia.

What culture do not like the stone? acidic soil, chlorine (and therefore their unacceptable feeding potassium chloride).

Poor tolerate close proximity of groundwater.Stagnant water, soil pereuvlazhennye they also contraindicated.Drought at the time of growth of the ovaries (2 weeks after the end of flowering) can cause falling off of their mass, so the stone need abundant watering at least twice - since the start of flowering to fruit coloring.

suction root system they have is at a depth of about 40 cm, are widely distributed beyond the crown, and the central root can go deep into the ground to 1.5 m Its mission -. Hold the plant upright, produce moisture and dissolve the mineral elements.

Also, be aware that the pome and stone do not like the neighborhood with each other, so they should not be put together.Although stone fruit relatively unpretentious to the soil, grow better and bear fruit in the organic-rich loam.The least demanding of soils apricot, which is the historical homeland of the Pamir Mountains.