mushroom poisoning

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mushrooms

about toxic properties of mushrooms people learned more in ancient times.Poisonous mushrooms are considered to be, in fruiting bodies which contain substances that cause poisoning.According to ancient historians poisonous mushrooms were terrible and, at the same time, fail-safe weapon in the struggle for political power or tremendous condition.

However, in ancient times knew that the use of certain types of mushrooms not only leads to a painful death.Some of the toxic substances contained in mushrooms, act like a man of strong alcoholic drinks or drugs with all its consequences: delusions, hallucinations, and trance.So, the people of Siberia in ancient times have used certain types of mushrooms as a ritual means: Do they fell into a state of ecstasy.

Preserved information about the Berserker - special military detachments that were formed in ancient Scandinavia.Before the battle, they were given small pieces of mushroom to eat or drink specially prepared decoction of this fungus.Under the influence of

the toxins contained in it soldiers fell into a state of frenzied rage and went into battle, sweeping away everything in its path, without feeling the wounds and shock weapons enemies.

Although doctors of former times found themselves powerless in the mushroom poisoning, however, they tried to explain the nature of their toxic effects.So, in the middle of I in.BC.e.Ancient Greek physician Dioscorides suggested that mushrooms absorb toxic substances from the environment, if they grow near the decomposing landfill, snake holes, plants with poisonous fruits.His hypothesis was recognized as a major, and lasted more than one century.Her support Pliny, among scholars and writers of the Middle Ages were supporters of Dioscorides Albert the Great, John Gerard and others.Only in the XIX-XX centuries., Due to the rapidly developing chemistry, managed to study the properties and establish the chemical structure of toxic compounds to get them in the pure (crystalline) form.

Currently in our country there are about 50 species of poisonous mushrooms growing from early spring to late autumn.Of these, highly toxic, life-threatening, they are about 20 species.