Apricot Overview

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Apricot - the plant is completely winter-hardy and can tolerate quite large even frosts without snow cover.Therefore, it grows well in the Volga region and in Karaganda, where no snow in the winter can be cold up to -25 ...- 30 degrees.

significantly impedes the spread of apricot in the North-West region of its origin from a purely continental climate.He wakes up easily in the winter thaw and then killed by a sudden frost.I must say that this Apricot in the Northwest is not growing.Under the shelter apricot grow and will bear fruit in the Northwest, but the tree grew very (can reach a height of 15 m), it is difficult to conceal, and creeping form of apricot does not want to grow.Shelter, which is not removed during the thaw can cause podprevaniyu cortex and the subsequent death of the plant.

In any case, it should be put under the cover of other plants (or buildings) from the cold northern winds.There Vologda apricot, which grows even in the Vologda region.There apricot and Moscow.But honestly, this pa

rticular varieties of plums with apricot taste and aroma.But we do not really matter, it apricot or plum?Let the scientists continue to argue about it but.

important for us taste the fruit ability to grow this plant in the Northwest.Raising it is necessary only because the bones in place, to a tree immediately adapted to the microclimate.apricot fruits contain high amounts of sugar, there are varieties of dried fruits which it contains up to 80%.In addition, the fruits of apricot - supplier of potassium in our bodies, as well as vitamins (especially carotene and vitamin C), organic acids, minerals, pectin ( 'janitors' for our gastrointestinal tract).

Fruits dried with stones (apricots) and without them (apricots).Dried apricots are eaten boiled or stewed fruits of them together with other dried fruits and berries.There are varieties of apricot seed kernel which according to its taste does not concede almonds.There is even an apricot with fruit painted in black (black Melitopol).

Features of cultivation of apricot

Fertilizing, watering

spring (in the Northwest - in early summer, after the frost) give mineral dressing: 2 tbsp.spoons of nitrogen fertilizer and 1 tbsp.Spoon potash containing no chlorine, for 10 liters of water.

Naturally, the fertilizer should be given on the perimeter of the tree crown.Number of buckets must match the number of years the tree.Backfill on the perimeter of the crown on the wet soil one-liter jar of ash or a glass of dolomite.

At the time of the growth of ovaries sprinkle crown "Uniflor-micro" -2 h. Tablespoons per 10 liters of water.Just one bucket feeding on mature trees.

After harvest begins immediately next crop year tab, so again backfill ash by wet soil on the perimeter of the crown (liter jar subtree).

In mid-August to give fertilizing watering the perimeter of the crown - 2 tbsp.tablespoons of double granulated superphosphate and 1 tbsp.spoon of chlorine-free potassium per 10 liters of water.Again backfill liter jar of ashes on the perimeter of the crown.

late autumn, when leaves fall off, along the perimeter of the crown make rotted manure or compost.You can make watering feces from the toilet, dissolved with water 1: 10. sprinkle feces fallen leaves or weed weeds (peat, sand, earth).

watering needs a dry summer, at the time of flowering and the beginning of growth of the ovaries, 10 liters for each year of life, of course, on the perimeter of the crown.Generally apricot tap root system and roots deep into the soil, and therefore are able to find water.

in the northwest Apricot just so dies quickly, because the roots get into the aquifers (except areas with sandy soil, of course).

Pests and diseases

In southern apricot has a dangerous fungal disease gnomonioz (brown leaf spot), and in the northern regions - a fungal disease monilia (gray mold).

In either case, well to both preventive and curative spraying "Cubic Zirconia".But sufficient prevention for 2-4 drops per 1 liter, and to combat the disease should be increased to a concentration of 6-10 droplets.In case of illness spraying should be repeated after another 10-15 days.It would be nice to add to the solution, and even a quarter of a teaspoon "Ekstrasol" microbial drug.

desiccation branches of apricot (apoplexy), accompanied GUMMOSIS usually leads to death of the plant.The reason for this process is not revealed.In order not to lead a useless struggle with the phenomenon, well take care of the tree and be sure to spray preventively spring cocktail.

From spring pests attacking aphids, goose, sawflies, scoop.With regular protection "Healthy Garden" they will not.