Poisoning poisonous mushrooms

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mushrooms

Indeed, at present in various types of fungi was found a large number of toxins.Some of them are only slightly affect on the psyche, the other - deadly as adversely affect the vital organs of the human body, especially the kidneys, liver, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

degree of intoxication and the effects depend on the type of fungi and their constituent toxic substances, their level of toxicity, the number of eaten delicacies from the "forest meat", as well as the age and state of health of the victim.Sometimes poisoning are easy and short-lived, which is usually expressed in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.However, there are cases of very heavy intoxication, or death.

Proper treatment is possible only with the assistance provided on time and accurately determining -type poisonous mushroom.To do this, a good knowledge of their botanical characteristics.In addition, to facilitate the provision of urgent assistance tasks, you must have information about the main syndromes (groups of sympt

oms), which are observed in acute poisoning poisonous mushrooms.

respiratory distress syndrome is often observed in comatose states, when inhibited the respiratory center.Respiratory disorders also arise due to paralysis of the respiratory muscles, which greatly complicates the course of poisoning.

syndrome impaired consciousness due to the direct effect of the toxin on the cerebral cortex.Also for his inherent disorder of cerebral circulation and oxygen deficiency.

syndrome of mental disorders occur as a result of poisoning by fungal toxins that selectively act on the central nervous system.

circulatory disorders syndrome frequently accompanies acute mushroom poisoning.Causes of disorders of the cardiovascular system can be increased permeability of blood vessels, inhibition of the vasomotor center, adrenal dysfunction, etc.

blood injury syndrome is expressed by a decrease in blood oxygen capacity and inactivation (decreasing level) hemoglobin.

When poisoning by many species of fungi namely the kidneys and liver are affected by toxins or suffering because of their toxic effects on metabolism and breakdown of tissue products.

syndrome disorders of thermoregulation is to increase or decrease in body temperature.On the one hand, the reason for such violations are lowering metabolism and increasing the heat transfer, and on the other - oxygen supply to the brain disorder, and absorption into the blood of toxic products of tissue decay.

Spastic syndrome - an indicator of a very heavy flow of poisoning.Cramps - a consequence of acute intoxication or the coming of oxygen starvation of the brain cells due to specific effects of fungal poisons on the central nervous structures.By eliminating the causes of seizures are usually held.

syndrome disorders of acid-base balance and water-electrolyte balance observed in acute mushroom poisoning is a consequence of disorders of the secretory organs and excretory functions and digestive systems.When this syndrome marked dehydration, violation of redox processes and the accumulation of oxidized products of metabolism in tissues.