Recipes cherry

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Cherry includes everything that has useful and necessary for our body.Jam, jam, kvass, juice, wine - all the best of taste.Make dumplings, stuffing for pies and cakes, prepare mousses.

jam and everything else necessary to cook and prepare pitted.There are special tools to remove them from the berries, but you can and grandmother by -vospolzovatsya big stud.

To prepare compote as always to fill a quarter of the capacity berries (you can with bones), and for the preparation of syrup to take 1/2 cup sugar to 1 liter of water.For jam will need 1,5-1,8 kg of sugar per 1 kg of berries."Five-minute" Always and tastier jam.

cherry juice without

waste to produce 1 liter of natural cherry juice will require 2 kg of berries.

Wash berries, pour over boiling water, discard in a colander to drain the water.Remove the bones.Mince with small bars and squeeze the juice or pass through the juicer.Pour juice into an enamel bowl and let stand.Then filtered through a double gauze (if the juice squeeze through an electr

ic juicer, defend and filter the juice is not required).

filtered juice is heated to 65 degrees and pour into sterile bottles, cork.Keep refrigerated.

The remaining pomace to pour 100 ml of water per 1 kg of oil cake, add 1 kg of sugar, put on fire and boil for 10-15 minutes.The resulting puree can be used for pies or just serve it to tea.It is good for a short time is stored in the refrigerator.If you want to save the puree in the winter, it is necessary to cook longer, stirring continuously to weight not to burn, until thick, expanded in sterile banks to immediately roll up and cool under a blanket.It will turn cherry jam.

Cherry in its own juice

pour over boiling water and then dry them on a clean, only that the pressed iron, triple folded gauze (sorry to spoil the towel).

kostochkovynimalkoy sterile and sterile hands to remove the bone.Stack layers, sprinkling each with powdered sugar, into sterile jars.Close screw cap and kept in the refrigerator.

Fresh cherry

On a sunny afternoon to pour berry bush with water from the well.Give the berries to dry in the sun.

sterile scissors and hands cut fruit, leaving a small tip, and put into a sterile basin.

on high heat to cook the syrup (1 cup sugar 1 cup of water), reduce heat.In the boiling syrup to dip slightly berries (that's why there is a tip - for him to keep the berries!), And immediately roll them on all sides in powdered sugar.Fold a clean, scalded with boiling water, dry dish.

slightly dry, put in slightly heated oven.When the berries are taken out of the oven cool down, put them into sterile jars and tie, covered with parchment.Keep refrigerated.

Note.In the same way you can prepare paradise apples-Ranetki.

cherry liqueur

1 kg of cherries, 500 g sugar, 1.5 liters of vodka.

Remove the bones from the berries.Crush and put in a bottle.Pour the vodka, to plug a cotton swab and let infusions week, shaking the contents of twice a day.

Boil the syrup of 500 g of sugar per 250 ml of water.Cool and add the berries.Let it brew for another week, shaking daily content.Filter through a cloth.It turns out delicious and beautiful drink, pretty strong.