Poisoning conditionally edible mushrooms

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mushrooms

Get serious poisoning can by eating conditionally edible mushrooms (morels, mlechnikov, svinushek, certain syroezhek etc.), If they are properly prepared.The morels may contain toxic chemicals which are destroyed by boiling.The broth should be drained after boiling.By their nature, these poisonings are no different from normal intestinal disorder that manifests itself in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. The first signs of poisoning appear within 12 hours, sometimes -. 4 hours after eating mushrooms.Recovery usually occurs within 1-2 days.

are frequent cases of poisoning undercooked or poorly salted mushrooms.

mushroom poisoning, accumulating harmful and carcinogenic substances

all kinds of food with rich mineral composition (seafood, animal liver, milk, mushrooms) have the ability to accumulate in himself both useful and harmful substances.If mushrooms grow in an environmentally hazardous area, they accumulate heavy metals and other harmful carcinogens.Therefore, in no case can not be collected and e

aten mushrooms growing near large cities, near industrial enterprises, places of storage of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides, creating unhealthy ecological atmosphere.

cause of poisoning can be mushrooms gathered on the edges of roads saturated with traffic, near the railway embankments, on vacant lots and landfills.Mushrooms collected along the highway, easy to absorb (absorb) lead from vehicle exhaust.Absorbing harmful element, mushrooms concentrated it in their tissue.The use of such fungi even if they were heat treatment leads to the accumulation in the body (primarily in the kidneys) of lead, which is a strong poison.The danger increases as the body to bring this substance extremely difficult.Lead is particularly harmful to children, elderly and handicapped people, as its high concentration can lead to disability.

In no case can not eat mushrooms, including edible, if they grow on the outskirts, near the city dumps, along roads.These mushrooms easily and readily absorb (absorb) lead from vehicle exhaust.

mushroom poisoning when improperly stored

can not "float" mushrooms in a plastic bag (fig.).

Fig.Improper storage fungi

collect them only in a basket and process as soon as possible - by storing heat in the best mushrooms can also form toxic substances.

Food poisoning can cause canned mushrooms, which are stored in oxidized bowl.So, for salting and marinating mushrooms unacceptable to use galvanized dishes as zinc accumulates in mushrooms and cause severe poisoning.Dangerous these mushrooms because they are almost indistinguishable from the benign specimens by their appearance, taste and smell.

Poison mushrooms mutants

Recently mushroom lovers are faced with a serious problem lies in the fact that among the edible mushrooms are more and more mutants and frequent poisoning has also been associated with their appearance.However, most mycologists quite wary of such claims, because they believe that the poisoning of mushroom causes inability to distinguish edible mushroom from inedible.However, to completely deny the version of the mushroom mutation should not be.