August 12, 2017 17:52 | Different Colors

tolstyaikovye family.Rhode stonecrop.Natural climatic conditions: subtropical, temperate latitude climate.

In appearance, the representatives of this type is very different, for the stems and leaves are all pretty meaty.The most common species in the room culture:

Stonecrop Adolf ♦ Stem tolstomyasisty, elliptical leaves, slightly pointed at the end, thick, yellowish-green with red edges.

Stonecrop Weinberg ♦ Semishrub stems from the lodge;Leaves collected in loose apical rosette, oblong-ovate, pointed at the end, thick, grayish-green.It is grown as a basket plant.

Stonecrop gustolistny ♦ In vivo live in colonies, and the group of plants can resemble a pillow shape;stalks lodge, strongly foliated;leaves small, ovate, slightly pubescent, green with a bluish tinge fioletovatym;the flowers are white.

Stonecrop Zybolda ♦ lodge stems, thin, reddish;sessile almost round, grayish-bluish, reddish at the edges;The flowers are small, pink.It is grown as a basket plant.

Stonecrop ♦ compact groundcover;gustoob

listvenny stalk;the leaves are arranged imbricated, small, oblong-ovate, gray-green;flowers white, fragrant.

Stonecrop red-colored stems of ♦ lodge, reddish;leaves small, round, shiny, green with reddish tip;yellow flowers.

Stonecrop line ♦ Stems lodge, highly branched, can take root;the leaves are arranged mutovcha something (three), linear-lanceolate, light green;yellow flowers.

Stonecrop Morgan ♦ Shoots ampelnye, gustooblistvennye;leaves are small, spindle-shaped, blue-green.Very easily propagated.

Sedum creeping stems of ♦ lodge, gustooblistvennye;leaves ovate-triangular, strongly thickened, greenish-bluish;yellow flowers.Known in the room culture and Palmer stonecrop, stonecrop crassifolia, stonecrop and stonecrop Trelis Stahl.

requirement to moisture: moderate watering in winter, slightly more abundant - in the summer.

Temperature: optimum winter temperature in the range 14-16 ° C.

Light regime: sun-loving plant.

requirement to soil: unpretentious for cultivation fit any sandy, loose and nutritious zemlesmes, preferably with the addition of brick chips, such as hardwood and sod land with sand in a ratio of 2: 1: 1.Drainage is mandatory.

Reproduction: cuttings, dividing the bush, seeds.

Features: stonecrops transplant (especially stonecrop Morgan) should be very careful - the plant is easy to damage.