Forcing the cut branches of shrubs

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

vygonochnyh shrubs bloom on time can be divided into groups: early (December-January) - japonica, acacia, wisteria, golden rain, viburnum, lilac and forsythia;Medium early (February-March) - Weigela, spirea, etc .;later (April-May) - hydrangea, Deutzia, jasmine garden, clematis.

success forcing shrubs depends on the ability to produce their crop.

Cut the bushes, taking into account on any shoots they form flower buds.In this regard, there are three groups of bushes.

1. Shrubs, flower buds that sit directly on the previous year (first year) shoots: japonica, acacia, wisteria, golden rain, lilac, plum, forsythia, apple, etc. In this case, cutting and removal is unnecessary and weak shoots..

2. Shrubs, flowers which sit on short shoots that grow from last year's wood:. Hawthorn, Deutzia, Weigela, viburnum, clematis, spirea, filadelfus, etc. To improve the color quality of this group of shrubs Alexandria in shortening the shoots before flowering.

3. Shrubs, flowers that appear at the ends of long young

shoots need before forcing in the short pruning to 2-3 buds.These plants include hydrangea and roses (chaynogibridnye, remontant and others.).55

for distillation is used mainly shrubs with deciduous leaves (lilac, jasmine, Deutz, vor zitsiyu et al.).

In addition, it is necessary to choose plants with a short rest period, so-called "early" or "you-racing" variety.

example, lilac cultivar M. Legros (pure white flowers, fragrant, about 2 cm in diameter, are collected in inflorescence shirokokonicheskie 25 cm) completes the rest period at the end of November.When forcing bloom within a month.

Other varieties dormant period ends much later - in March.

Distillation more difficult to carry out in the first half of winter, and is much easier - in the second, when the lighting and solar will feed a boosted and the plants dormant period is coming to an end.

Cut autumn branch store to distillation at low temperature - in the fridge, in sealed plastic bags.The content in refrigerators can be delayed until the desired moment of growth in lilacs and other flowering shrubs.

There are a number of things you can significantly reduce the duration of the distillation, for example, exposure to steam, ether, fertilizers and others.

For this purpose, the elektrodosvetka fluorescent light for 12 hours, day and night.Supplementary lighting fertilizer blends well with carbon dioxide (2 times a day for 1-1.5 L of 0.5 m3).You can vygonochnyh plants fumigate smoke for 20-30 minutes, putting them in a sealed box in which to keep after the procedure for 2-3 days.This method is applied to the bushes with its target flower buds.

Watering warm water (30 ° C) in the last decade before flowering accelerates the blooming buds, Uwe-56 creases the size of the flowers and the brightness of their color.

good effect and has a purely mechanical effect on the kidney - a small obminanie or potsara-pyvanie (the results of such procedures will be visible after 3-4 days).

early spring forcing branches with flower buds are laid in autumn, is more successful in the water with nutrient salts.

When vygonochnyh kidney branches begin to swell in water, you can add sugar at the rate of 30 g per 1 liter of boiled water (a pinch of sugar concentration up to 5% reduces the time forcing, but reduces the quality of the flowers), or special nutrient solution to accelerate development of leafand flower buds.

can recommend several options for such solutions:

- 0,2% th solution of complete fertilizer in boiled water;

- solution by Prof. Rupprecht: 3% sugar;0.8% potassium alum;0.03% potassium chloride;0.02% sodium chloride.The solution is changed once a week to update the cut branches;

- when forcing water birch sugar were added 1% or 0.01% citric acid (or streptomycin).

If branches are cut off in mid-December, it is recommended to add a few drops of ammonia.

for forcing use only glass or enameled container, the water in them change every few days, cutting branches 1-2 cm

temperature of the premises where distillation is carried out, shall be:. December 26-28 ° C,January 22-23, HS, February 16-18 ° C.At night, the temperature can be lowered by a few degrees.

Do not put containers with branches in batteries tsengralno th in domestic heating or electric heaters.Before the appearance of flower buds should be 57

Fig.Quince Fig.Lilac

also avoid direct sunlight.To this end, the cap can cover the threads of the opaque paper.

When blooming flower buds open branches and immediately create electrical highlight for 2-3 hours a day.To get the leaves of different colors, some branches can be moved closer to the sun, and others - to leave in the shade.

cut the branches of apple, cherry, currant, lilac and so on. P. 20), a length of about 50-60 cm. The branches put in a bowl with cold water and kept for three days in a dark, cool room in the middle of March.Then they put on the light and change the water daily.A month after cutting branches bloom.

soil is a mixture of clay and turf and ground sheet.In summer the plant contain the outdoors, in a windless, sheltered from the midday sun spot.Up to half of the summer the plants abundantly watered and fed with liquid mullein.Since the second half of 58 in the summer, reduce watering - it makes

suspend plant growth and flower buds form.Watering only when the leaves begin to wither from lack of moisture.

If the growth period the plant does not give the water a few days, that is. E. Its a bit dry, it forms a large flower buds, which then, in normal watering may well grow and develop and provide strong flower stalks.

before the onset of autumn frost tender plants transferred to a cool room.

For flowering branches of the New Year in November - December, bring in a warm room, watered and sprayed.

After ottsvetut plants, their cut and transplanted into fresh soil.In the spring, as soon as the weather permits, take out the plants in the garden and planted in the ground, it is better without dishes.To re-distillation plants will fit in 2-3 years.

best shrubs for the following distillation.

Rhododendron.For early cultivation used garden forms.Plants completely covered by flowers before leafing.

Golden rain (tsischizus).Shrub with fragrant yellow flowers.It blooms in late winter and spring.

Peach.Very beautiful pink and red terry forms.Suitable for early forcing in January.

Lilac.It is a common shrub.For the distillation used with lilac good ripe wood and flower buds.

for success forcing lilac needs in a warm location, abundant watering and spraying.Light it is not necessary.

largest lilac shoots tied moss, which is supported in a wet state by spraying warm water.Emerging leaf-bearing shoots pinch.59

Distillation plants


When colors moss harness is removed and spraying is stopped.

for prolonging the flowering plants should be kept in a cool place.

For the distillation of the most suitable lilac, grafted on the wildings as it begins to bloom earlier than the root-own plants of the same species.Select varieties with the most abundant flowering.Colouring of inflorescences and double flowers have no special significance, since even

for late forcing all varieties of common lilac, except belotsvetnyh largely lose their color intensity.More often than not, as already noted, the sort used for forcing Marie Legros simple with white flowers, terry - Madame Casimir Perier, Antoine Buchner.The best results at forcing give already entered into a period of flowering strong, well rooted plants with uniformly branched crown.

Selected for distillation plants are planted in an appropriate size to the culture dishes clay-turf ground, fertile humus.

In the summer the plant is transferred to a sunny place in the open ground.Regularly watered and fertilize with organic fertilizer every 10 days until mid-August.In the winter dug with pot plants can be placed in greenhouses lying on spruce branches or dry leaves, and close the insulated material.Harvested thus can be lilac at any time during the 60 winter taken in a room for distillation.

Distillation plants

Apple.From decorative "kinds of apple trees for winter flowering in pots are suitable:. Mal jus Sheydek Keri - flowers are pale pink, terry, Malus floribun da atropurpurea - red small flowers

Forcing branches in winter is available each branch, set the appropriate water., its flowers and bright green leaves enliven the room, becoming the first sign of spring.

branches of flowering shrubs it is advisable to cut 6-8 weeks before flowering in the soil, then a lot of them bloom at forcing indoors 5-12 days after cutting.

Spirea Vanegutta, bird cherry, cut 15 February bloom March 8

hazel twigs, put in water, dissolved in 7-10 days, larch -. 18 days

quickly blossom and bloom poplar, alder, aspen.. After 20-30 days indoors opening buds of birch, honeysuckle, willow, black currant

towards autumn periods forcing the branches indoors significantly reduced:. so cut off April 10 spirea produces delicate leaves for 6 days, wonderful blossomsand gives the buds of elderberry 7 days, 10 days are spreading leaves poplar, birch, larch, a few days later, the leaves appear in the yellow acacia.

Wolf bark blooms from mid-April until the beginning or middle of May.The branches of this plant are harvested in late December, the room bloom 61


Distillation plants

7-10 days.Flowers pink-purple, fragrant, reminiscent of lilacs.Also blooming quickly and Cassandra, the branches of which bloom in the room, not only in winter but also in the fall.