Mushrooms in the market

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a specific group of foodstuffs that require special conditions for implementation.When buying them on the market at the unfamiliar sellers, we are to some extent subject ourselves and loved ones a certain risk.To minimize it, you must know how to be organized trade mushrooms, which demands from buyers need to bring to the forest gifts sellers:

1. Not allowed to trade in mushrooms in various places of the market.To sell them on the market is always assigned a special place (stalls, rows), which concentrates all trade mushrooms.

2. Mushrooms of the for implementation shall be sorted into individual types.Sale of a mixture of different species of fungi categorically zapreschaetsya._

3. Prepared to sell the mushrooms must be thoroughly cleaned from the ground, litter, sand or ash.Banned trade crumpled, broken, worm-eaten, sagging, overgrown, slimy, moldy and rotten mushrooms.

4. Fresh mushrooms plate, put up for sale should be perfectly safe and have a whole entire stump.Under no circum

stances should not be allowed to sell mushrooms to cut off completely or partially stumps, especially mushrooms or russula.

5. It is not allowed the sale of mushrooms persons who do not know the names of mushrooms sold by them, as well as children.

6. In the dried form is allowed to sell only ceps (porcini), podberёzovikov, aspen, oil, Mokhovikov and very well dried morels and morel.

7. The sale of mushrooms in boiled or fried.

8. Individuals are categorically not allowed to sell in the markets of home-made mushroom spawn, mushroom salads and other products of crushed mushrooms and pickled, canned or pickled mushrooms in the banks rolled lids.

9. selling salted and canned mushrooms (separated by type) allowed industrial production in glass and enamel container (bombazh not allowed), and in some cases - in clean wooden barrels.

10. Any mushrooms in any form can not be laid in galvanized dishes, especially in galvanized buckets.