Advantages of your garden nursery

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

first question;who cares gardener garden before planting: where to take the seedlings?You can, of course, buy.But planting material prices are high, and to purchase a standard set of crops and varieties, it is necessary to lay out a few thousand.And to be honest, so far the case of fraud: buy some varieties, and grow quite different.How to be?

Output is: create a nursery and grow seedlings themselves.Yes, not only for themselves but also for relatives and friends, and maybe even for sale.The case is very favorable, otherwise it would not sell the bushes additive in roads.

have their own garden nursery

many advantages Firstly;you'll grow those crops and varieties that you like.

Secondly, the grown seedlings are well adapted to local conditions, and therefore have a high frost resistance, as opposed to imported.

Third, the quality of your seedlings with proper care for them will be considerably higher, as opposed to purchased.After digging up the plants will be when they are needed.And this means tha

t the roots and aerial part they will be fresh and alive seedlings easily take root and go into growth.

Fourth, in the current difficult times, you can make good money by selling grown planting material.

Grow seedlings is a very interesting

All varieties of fruit, berry and ornamental plants reproduce only vegetatively: grafting, layering, cuttings, division of the bush.Only in this case will remain all the varietal characteristics.But you have to know what kind of culture which way is best to propagate and how to do it correctly.And then, when you learn not only of grafted and divide berry bushes, but also to impart a variety of ways, you can make any plants, including a very fashionable form stam crops such as currants, gooseberries, or rose.

Knowing how to vaccinate, you can create a tree-garden, when one tree, for example, apple trees, grafted dozens of different varieties.And imagine how extremely impressive looks lilac bush blooming in different colors - a sort of a huge growing colorful bouquet in the garden!

Graft in the crown (on skeletoobrazova-Tel) malozimostoykie varieties of apple, pear, cherry, plum become more resistant to frost.This technique allows you to promote the most delicious southern varieties further north.Therefore, such multi-storey plants will be in demand, and they will cost dearly.In short, the possibilities are endless in front of you.

A lot of the land is not required for personal kennel.If you want to grow a year 1-2 thousand seedlings, it would be enough for half of the weave of land (plot 5 to 10 m), as are sold mostly the same age.

is desirable to use a well-lit place with fertile soil in which the spring water does not stagnate.You can donate, for example, part of the garden.The soil for the nursery will fit almost any.

is undesirable, of course, to create a nursery on peat (it dries faster and more heated in the heat) or too compacted soil (compaction makes it difficult to breath and root growth).It is best if the soil is sandy loam or loamy.And remember that even partial shading reduces the growth of young plants, and as a result of the cultivation of seedlings will take you more time.