Cultivation of mushrooms in the country

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mushrooms

mushrooms can be grown on ridges in spring and summer, indoors (greenhouses, greenhouses, basements, and so on. D.), Where you can maintain a constant temperature and humidity, autumn and winter.These mushrooms can be grown without light, as they are well bear fruit in the dark.The nutrient medium for the mushrooms is compost, which is prepared from fresh horse and cow manure mixed with straw bedding (Fig.).


addition straw, composted added ammonium sulfate, and minerals such as chalk or alabaster.Prepare the substrate needed for 25-30 days before setting it in the chain.

Cow manure can be replaced by chicken dung and straw - fallen leaves, or corn stalks.

compost from cow manure is considered the best breeding ground for the cultivation of mushrooms.By the manure must be added about 20% of straw, leaves, potato leaves.To begin with you need to prepare the substrate stacking pile: to 50 kg of manure is necessary to add 12 kg of gypsum or plaster, 12 kg of lime and 1.5 kg of urea.The mixtu

re should be watered, cover with foil and leave for 15 to 20 days.Once the ammonia smell disappears, the compost should be put to a permanent place.If mushrooms are grown in the open ground, the ridge need to do 20-30 cm deep.

mycelium can be purchased at specialty stores.Introducing it, you must follow the instructions.Moisture, until the mycelium grows, should be 50-55%, and the air temperature - 18-20 ° C.

After 14-20 days the mycelium razrastёtsya 3-5 cm, and white plaque appears on the surface of the ground.At this time, on top of the substrate need to pour a layer of greenhouse land 2-4 cm thick and water as the drying.In this case, it is recommended to carry out irrigation spray.

mycelium begins to bear fruit after 35-50 days.fruiting period will last 2-3 months.Mushrooms can be harvested when the film will be stretched, and the plates themselves will become pale pink.

should not be allowed to grow old mushrooms, as they will deplete the mycelium.While collecting mushrooms need to twist, so as not to destroy the mycelium and place twisting sprinkle the ground.

How to plant mycelium

After the substrate was laid out, you need every day to measure its temperature.When at a depth of 4 cm, it will drop to 27-28 ° C, the mycelium can be planted.The best planting material is sterile spore mycelium (Fig.), Which is grown in special laboratories.The most abundant harvest produce two kinds of mushrooms: bisporus brown and white bisporus.

Fig.Sterile spore mycelium

Laboratories mushroom mycelium grown on manure or wheat, oats and rye.

mycelium manure before planting should be broken into pieces of 20 cm each and put them in a bowl in a single layer.Pieces of mycelium should be planted in a checkerboard pattern at a distance of 20 x 20 cm. To do this in the intended location peg lift the top layer of the soil and make it under the recess where and puts a piece of mycelium.

If used for planting grain spawn, from the ridge surface is required to remove a layer thickness of 3 cm and then leveled the mycelium and sprinkle it with compost, lightly hurting.Also it can be used for planting wild mycelium.Pieces of the soil must be densely penetrated by cobwebby mycelium branches, have a pleasant smell, does not have any trace of pests or damage.Planted grain spawn as well as manure.

Care mushrooms

After mycelium was planted, the room temperature should be maintained within 24-26 ° C.In this mode, the mycelium razrastёtsya depth and give a good harvest.Substrate Humidity should be 55-60%.The dried up ground mycelium grows worse, so it must be evenly sprayed as drying.After 12 days, where already well razrastёtsya mycelium, the temperature can be lowered to 18-20 ° C, and the surface of earth fill layer 3 cm.Land should be turf.

In the future care is maintaining the temperature in the range 14-15 ° C air humidity - 80 Humidity ground plane should be 60%.The room where the mushrooms grow, should be regularly aired.After 30-40 days, there are the first fruit mushroom body.After each harvest substrate should be kept in the same conditions.